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The blimp [2014 file photo].

No, not that one. It’s a blimp. It was in Missouri for nefarious purposes, but in 2014.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
11:34 AM · Feb 3, 2023

Tell us how.

Some of the responses:

Before or after you run away from it?

Pentagon has a playbook for this sort of thing. They are following it for a reason. We have been down this road before we know how the game is played. Don’t fall for the distractions. This is a slow news day story. Instead focus on the party that sold our farmland to China.

Size of 2,3 buses? So , when the debris hurts or kills civilians, who will you blame? I have a guess.



[….] with Marge’s Jewish space laser!

Do something about it senator. Take to Twitter after you get the job done.

Not physically possible to shoot it down with current weaponry.
What could a balloon do that a satellite can’t?

And that’s why you shouldn’t be in a leadership position.

He isn’t.

… he shouts in a continuing but pathetic effort to appear manly.

But, but, his book…

Neat. And the debris from the ballon, its equipment and the weapon itself will land where exactly?

Give your expert assurance there would be zero damage to persons or property on the ground.

Gee. If someone ever wanted to dump a deadly virus on an adversary, using wind currents would be very effective, maybe?

It’d be easier and cheaper to book a commercial flight and just drive across the country.

Notice how Republicans don’t wanna talk about the Jobs number 517,000 jobs created beating expectations of 185,000?? Typical [….]

There’s that.

If the DOD hasn’t already rendered it in operative, leaving it alone may be of jnterest to the NSA, so it can gather sigint.

But you didn’t think about that.

Suddenly you care about national security? [….]

Since you’re on the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Senate Homeland Security Committee maybe you can enlighten us on exactly which capabilities we possess that can actually do that.

As long as it’s not over your house in VA, amirite Josh???

Over your house?

Now what State is your house in again?

“Spying? Were not spying, you silly Americans. We’re just scoping out some more prime real estate to buy”


What if the Chinese spy balloon is dropping chemicals into our atmosphere?

Silly, that’s what chemtrails are for.

Wouldn’t a thermobaric weapon be most suited here? At least those should burn at a few thousand degrees celcius.

Looked up “thermobaric” on the internets, didn’t bother with “celsius”.

Just run away from it. You’re really good at that.

Get some Appalachian boys with some high power rifles in a chopper and it’ll go down

Has difficulty recognizing reality.

Leaders don’t panic Josh…like you’re panicking…

Don’t worry, it likely won’t make it to Virginia, you’re fine.

Your constituents should listen to the news & tune you out. Quit fear mongering. Lots of news updates today. U.S. and China are in discussions about this and the Secretary of State has postponed his first China trip until the issue is resolved. Your constituents deserve better.

Please, please, please…give George Santos a call. He’s clearly the man for this job.

Have MTG use her lasers. [….]

Runaway Josh has some thoughts, how cool!!

No big deal just flying over Whiteman AFB checking out our B2’…

JFC. They can just look it up, you know, on the Internets:

Moon it, they’ll never do it again.

Heh. Now that’s the real America we all know and love.

BIG words…are you behind your sofa?

Yes!!! And is it carrying a bio weapon they are releasing over the US?

No, just masks.

Here’s an idea. Why don’t you run away from it. You are great at that.

Interesting. Shooting it down is your carefully considered response. No other options, right? All based on the assumption that nothing else has already been done? That nothing more is known that impacts a decision? Just shoot.

You do know they have satellites spying on us right now, too, yeah?


Are you certain it wasn’t Rick Brattin (r)? (February 3, 2023)

Maybe they’re just checking on all of their Missouri farm landholdings (February 3, 2023)

Apparently Jason Smith (r) believes China is unaware of any easily accessible map applications (February 3, 2023)