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Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].

Eric Schmitt (r) should definitely understand the landholdings part.

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
The idea that Communist China has a spy balloon headed towards Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri right now — the home of the Stealth Bomber — is absolutely unbelievable.

No American should accept this. I don’t.
1:19 PM · Feb 3, 2023

But, you’ll accept their ownership of Missouri farm land.

Dude, they just need to use on easily accessible online map application:

Some of the responses to Eric Schmitt’s (r) social media post:

Why would they send a balloon when they could just park a spy satellite over it?

Or just use an online map application?

A high altitude balloon has zero functional ability beyond that of the already existing satellites orbiting overhead. This news cycle is embarrassing.

Wait until you learn about the existence of satellites [….]

I suppose this balloon is a good enough excuse as any to continue inflating defense spending for your buddies at Lockheed though, amirite?

Just wait till you find out about spy satellites

JFC man, I can see it on Google Earth right now. Do you truly believe that the Chinese are too stupid to know where our domestic military bases are and what we house at them? What on earth are they going to see that any 10 year old with a laptop can’t already?

See image above.

Hey Senator, remember when you gave away Missouri farmland to China?

Gaslight much?

He considers that a feature, not a bug.

Scared of a balloon? Wow.

Several Members of Congress are already mad tweeting. They’re on the case. We’re good. /sarcasm.

just checking up on the land you sold them


I told you not to worry. @RepMTG knows where all the Jewish space lasers are.
Now calm down they won’t bother you bc you already sold all our farmland to them.

Just checking on the land you sold them. How is that ham tasting now?

Just imagine an advanced satellite making passes over that base. Oh wait.

Or, just commercial satellites. See image above.

You know they have satellites, right?

Well, if China didn’t know where the stealth bomber was kept before, they do now, due to your tweet. Way to go!

We’re all doomed.

Please explain in detail which weapons system you’d like to use to destroy a target with a limited radar cross section that’s flying at 100,000 feet? As usual you are using this to keep your base angry and scared.

Maybe Jewish space lasers? They seem to be popular with right wingnut republicans.

You do know that scores of Chinese airliners fly over US air space everyday, don’t you? And wait til you hear about satellites.

Good jobs report, huh?

Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner!

Next level gaslighting from the man who voted TWICE to sell Missouri farmland to China


Oh no… China is going to find out super secret Stealth Bomber base.
Way to go Eric, you just told the whole world where it is.

Oh no! What are they going to do?
A slow moving balloon is heading in a general direction and there’s nothing that can be done about it…

You are right. Good thing the balloon hasn’t made it to space, where it could orbit and send images of the entire world back.

Someone should probably invent something like that…

Oh dear..I didn’t know it was a secret. I guess those satellites should be more careful.

Telling where bomber is ! On Twitter is not helping.

JFC. We’re all doomed.

B-2 bomber.

Shoot it down over Missouri? Why not, I’m willing to give up that state.

Hey! No.

Didn’t know Missouri was the home of the stealth bomber until you posted this. Who do you work for?

Maybe sarcasm? Nah.

Is the location of this plane that you just posted supposed to be public?

Well, yes.

Did you really just broadcast that?

[Smacks forehead]

Most americans didn’t accept you selling farmland to China either. Yet here we are.

You just doxed the stealth bomber. RIP your security clearance.

Too stupid to remember to breathe…

B-2 bomber.

Maybe a Jewish Space Laser can shoot that thing down.

Great minds…

OK lady but this is the men’s room at taco bell


Are you certain it wasn’t Rick Brattin (r)? (February 3, 2023)