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Jason Kander (D) [2016 file photo]


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Jason Kander @JasonKander
Dumb shit like this encourages dumb people to actually fire at an object that is tens of thousands of feet out of range, and those rounds come down, and sometimes they kill innocent Americans, which seems like the kind of thing a United States Senator might want to discourage.
8:50 AM · Feb 4, 2023

JD Vance (r) doesn’t have a clue:

Jason Kander @JasonKander
Nah, but I guess I could’ve moved to a state I didn’t live and then disavowed everything I’d ever claimed to believe.

But I’ve had a far greater impact on the world by doing it my way.

I can live without the title. You go enjoy it, because it’s all you have, Senator.
12:49 PM · Feb 4, 2023


It’s a good bet that only one of the two can reassemble a rifle blindfolded.


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