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Me, too! Just slower than everyone else…

Eric Burlison (r) [2016 file photo].


Rep. Eric Burlison @RepEricBurlison
The Chinese spy balloon should’ve never flown over our country!!

We need to immediately find out what information was sent to the CCP and why the Biden administration kept this espionage hidden from the public.
5:49 PM · Feb 4, 2023

Counterintelligence, you think?

Some of the responses:

Sorry, you are trying to figure out why the Biden administration doesn’t give out counterintelligence information publicly?


This didn’t age well.

Wouldn’t be surprised if any communications between the ‘weather balloon’ and it’s controllers are already in the hands of one or more of our intelligence agencies (NSA, CIA, etc.). Seriously doubt that you guys or the general public will ever know what it was though.

Check with Trump. It happened three times when he was in the White House. [….]

Yes and while you are at it, investigate the 3 Trump didn’t shoot down that the American people never heard about until today.

[….] WOW. Pentagon just confirmed that THREE Chinese balloons flew over the US during the Trump Admin & not only didn’t shoot them down,but he also didn’t say anything about it. Shows you how ridiculous Republicans are right now by only talking about the balloon.

Chinese have done this before . At least once when trump was in office. Soo?

OMG, shut your idiot trap for once.

The blimp [2014 file photo].

No, not that one. It’s a blimp. It was in Missouri for nefarious purposes, but in 2014.


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