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They aren’t happy campers.

Mark Alford (r) [August 2022 file photo]..

This morning:

Mark Alford @markalfordkc
Finally!!! Now let’s get to work!!!
8:15 AM · Jan 7, 2023

Dude, the rules haven’t been approved yet. There’s another vote.

Some of the responses:

Keeping the status quo alive. Great!

Not going to lie, this is disappointing. Another DC establishment uni-party fraud. The guy lost a dozen votes but kept going. Clearly not a “leader” that has the support of his colleagues and cared only about winning for himself. Matt Gaetz was right. Just put a 🐊 in charge

Didn’t take anytime at all for you to fall in line with the establishment! #lostmyvote #partyhack

Mark, you have lost my vote. Now you are no better than McCarthy, Romney, Cheney, Ryan, and Murkowski a RINO. You talked a good game during your visits to Warrensburg and Knob Noster but you just showed your true colors by backing the establishment.

Just wait. Heh.

Your constituents have lost faith in you. So much for “I set up a phone line just for my people” and “I’ll always fight for my people regardless of what the swamp wants”. Sorry Mark, after listening to you yell your votes for McCarthy, YOU ARE THE SWAMP!

Seems predictably disappointed.

Republican Party is a hot mess right now. I don’t care why, this showed it. I hope you don’t get caught up in the web.

Too late, already there.

I have no faith in the politicians, all are the same, talk too much, make promises. They they get to DC all becoming part of the swamp. This process prove it. So disappointed

We thought you were different, you proved us all wrong. You don’t work for the people that voted for you, you will do whatever McCarthy tells you to do. Pretty damn sad.

“We thought you were different…”

You weren’t paying attention, were you?

@markalfordkc I hope and pray you have the back bone of @mattgaetz @laurenboebert @RepAndyBiggsAZ @EliCraneAZ and @RepBobGood. Don’t fall for the trap.. Fight for us!!

Assumes facts not in evidence.

Two of the “present” votes (Gaetz and Boebert) said last night that the Freedom Caucus got everything they asked for. Ok. Good. But why STILL vote “present?”

Math is hard.

Well you started to prove me right this week and I really was hoping I was wrong. You are 0 for 1 in representing the people whom elected you and 1 for 1 in representing the establishment. Only way from here is up!

Actually, 0-15.

I was working on a campaign alongside yours and I saw all your speeches, you held a bible, and would pretend to cry and told everyone you were going to change the swamp. Surprise, he lied. I will be telling all the people I met on the campaign trail how much of a liar you are.

You ever read the responses here? See how awful your ratio is?

Damn, you fell before making it to the front door.


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