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Except for sitting on a bench and shitposting on social media.

Jason Smith (r) [2022 file photo].

You were expecting anything different?

Thursday evening:

Rep. Jason Smith @RepJasonSmith
President Biden’s first *ever* trip to the southern border should begin with a visit to McAllen, TX, to see the millions of dollars worth of taxpayer-funded border wall steel his Administration has left sitting in a yard.
5:19 PM · Jan 5, 2023

What will Jason Smith (r) be doing today? Sitting on a bench and possibly shitposting on social media.

Some of the responses:

Trump boondoggle Jason. In my lifetime no R or D Congress has been serious about immigration. Each side wants the other side to lose. Therin is the border problem.

Trump said he finished the wall

What? Mexico didn’t pay for it?

I would hush if I were you. This debacle of trying to nominate a speaker of the house! January 6th, hmm. Most know where you were. Now this. Very ashamed!

You mean your king didn’t do what he promised and now you expect President Biden to clean up another of his messes?

We should give all that steel to Mexico. I mean, they paid for it, right?

Moving the goalpost already?

Distraction, really. The past few days haven’t been so good.

Aah. And here we have the forgetful Republican. Conveniently ignoring that the Trump administration “redirected” millions from the government for all the steel that is cheerfully rusting away.

No, Biden didn’t do it. But he did have to clean up after a Republican “president”

So when do you Republicans expect to elect a speaker? Seems like a pretty easy thing to do.

Shouldn’t you be focused on electing a speaker?
Just ‘sayin

Vote against McCarthy. #trump2023

Too late. Eleven times.

Scrap it. It’s a dumb ass idea anyway. Any a hole could defeat a wall. Another fun fact you have to build gaps at the bottom of the wall in many sections because water would knock it down. Brilliant.

I thought we were told Mexico was paying for the wall? Was that just another lie?

I am one of your constituents.
I want change. I thought you did too.
I will NOT be voting for you ever again.

After emailing, calling and posting on Twitter just today, my message is still the same.


Too late. Eleven times, so far. Heh.

The wall was always a stupid, useless idea. Why waste any more money on it.

Vote for an America 1st Speaker & honor the wishes of those who hired you to represent us.


They’re restless.

Jason Smith (r) [2021 file photo].


That was then (January 4, 2023)

Says the fool who has been sitting on a bench doing nothing for three straight days (January 5, 2023)