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Mark Alford (r), former newsreader, still not sworn in.

Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].

This morning:

Mark Alford @markalfordkc
About damn time.

Saying a prayer that he doesn’t end up in Canada at the wrong border.
8:13 AM · Jan 5, 2023

Heh. Joe Biden (D) is doing things, you’re not.

The Canadian border is longer, genius.

Pray all you want, putz, the republican clown show of the past three days is a harbinger for the next two years.

Some of the responses:

Mmm. Is that what a Republican should be saying right now? I feel the GOP is about to lose at their own game down on the border, if dems choose to take it seriously.

Anyway, you guys have your own problems. Who ya gonna vote for, assuming McCarthy will never have the votes?

They’ll let him know what he needs to do when it’s time.

Don’t support McCarthy

Too late. Eight times.

I have serious doubts that you said a prayer for this, Mark. Jesus is watching you

I wonder what will happen with the border situation from him looking at it. Maybe it’ll fix the situation since that’s all Republicans talk about. Or maybe like we could just fix the issue instead of making wedge issues every election cycle.

Where have you been for the last 20 years? Just asking.

Yes! Thank you for watching out for Missourians! It’s not like 35% of our hospitals are in danger of closing! Or that 1/4th of our schools are on a 4-day week because our incredible lack of pay is causing staffing issues everywhere! Or, or, or… [….]

Why have you been voting for @GOPLeader to be speaker?


Please don’t vote for McCarthy

Well you’re in the right party because all Republicans ever do I’d thoughts and prayers, no policy, no action just total chaos. BTW have you been sworn in yet or are the clowns still running the circus.

Clowns and circus still.

Quit supporting Kevin. He’s a Rhino. Be a leader and join the 20.


That’s not very nice. Don’t let the swamp turn you into one of them. Be kind to all.

Too late.

You’re just more of the same huh???

Mark, why are you continuing to support McCarthy for speaker? The people of Missouri don’t support him we sent you there for change, not the status quo.

Not hardly. Interestingly, every single republican member of the Missouri House delegation has voted for Kevin McCarthy (r) over eight ballots. You voted for one of them. Maroon.

Curious, are you or Hartzler voting for the speaker?



Do not vote for McCarthy! We sent you to drain the swamp!!!!

Too late. Eight times.

I sure wish MY representative in the US House would represent me and many others of the MO-4 and stop voting for Kevin McCarthy for speaker like the other brave 21 representatives in the Republican caucus.

Little mark used the damn word. What a leader. You pathetic embarrassment

“The 20” Republican Jan 6th Extremists is a disgusting group of American Traitors whose mission is solely to disrupt and destroy government and democracy.
If McCarthy caves to their demands, he is just as responsible for anything bad that happens next.
Americans be worried!