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Everyone is still waiting.

Jason Smith (r) [2022 file photo].

Yesterday morning:

Rep. Jason Smith @RepJasonSmith
House Republicans will chart a path for a stronger economy, greater financial security for American families, and a Congress that is responsible and accountable to American taxpayers.
7:52 AM · Jan 3, 2023

High hopes.

Some of the responses:

This is a joke, right? [….]

Lol. Zero chance they do any of that at all.

House Republicans will take a sledgehammer to American families. The best thing we can say about you is that you’re dysfunctional criminals.

Is it Infrastructure Week again already?

My dude, you’re being overrun by grifters, frauds, and cons. Your responsibility and accountability needs to start by cleaning your own House.

You’re funny

Responsible and accountable. You are joking .

House republicans literally voted against all of this and more in the past year

Jason, you took a loan and then stood by while it was forgiven, essentially taking $50,742 from hardworking Americans. Is this what you mean by responsible and accountable?

Is this a parody account?

Yea. All folks need to do is look at District 8 and see how well Republican economic plans work. Sit down.

There is that.

If only this were true. #MOdeservesbetter than empty words.

Bullshit alert [….]

The GOP can’t even decide who is going to be speaker. What makes you think you can fix anything?

They consider that a feature, not a bug.

Sure, Jan.

But to travel that path, you need the cooperation of the White House and Senate. Are you prepared to work with Democrats?

Must be new around these here parts.

That’s funny.

Responsible and accountable? You are an embarrassment.

Do you ever listen to what they are telling you to type?

Y’all can’t even chart a path to electing a #Speaker when you gain the majority. [….]

The @GOP is a #FailedParty.

No you won’t


Why aren’t you voting against Kevin McCarthy?! We need to get rid of the RINOs and you’re not helping.

Then don’t vote for @GOPLeader for speaker

Seriously? They can’t even come together to elect a Speaker. Pathetic.

Who are you voting for Speaker?

So far, six times for Kevin McCarthy (r). Heh.

That’s not what your pal McCarthy said. He only wants to do things to get back at Dems for showing up Repubs this past year.

Lots of talk but no well thought out plan that can be found. The supposed Commitment to America is at best, a rough middle school outline. Please provide a link here so we Missourians understand your goals this session.

You think?

Are you going into comedy now?

Chart a path to electing a speaker first. You’re not even sworn in yet. Representative-Elect

Heh. There’s that.

Jim Gordon for speaker


House Republicans can’t even “chart a path” to elect a Speaker, how do you expect American taxpayers to believe you’ll accomplish anything?

You haven’t been able to do that in your district in Missouri. Your district has struggling, underfunded schools, poverty, drugs, and limited healthcare. But you can do better on a federal level?


You had 4 fucking years with a Republican president and congress and didn’t do any of that. So why do you expect the American people to believe you this time?

What a crock! This guy has one of the most anti-worker voting records in congress.

Liar. Fucking Liar.

That sounds really nice Jason. Being from Missouri, I’d like you to Show Me. Because I haven’t seen shit from you except tweets.

Are you voting for McCarthy for Speaker?

Seriously? Six times so far. See above.

Do not vote for McCarthy or you will not be voted for in my district ever again!!


That’s cute, Jason.
Ya’ll can’t even get your sh*t together to elect a Speaker.

Stop voting for Kevin McCarthy!! He is a rino!!


Don’t vote McCarthy! Listen to your constituents and vote a truly American first speaker. No more swamp

That is a joke right?! Republicans are now owned by the far right nuts who could care less about legislating. They want to burn it all down to appease their feral base. The next two years will be a dumpster fire.

For fuc sake …they cant even pick a speaker.
They are fucking hopeless