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Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].

This morning:

Mark Alford @markalfordkc
The American people deserve a Speaker of the House. It’s time to get this done and get to work!
8:38 AM · Jan 6, 2023

Some of the responses:

Let them know we want someone else for speaker please

A big Hell NO to McCarthy!!!!!


Big NO for Kevin he is the swamp.

We would love a speaker but we will wait until you all get it right. No to McCarthy and the swamp.

Circus fan.

Was really disappointed in your vote Mark.

Eleven times. So far.

Just vote Jeffries.


Why do you support the liberal @GOPLeader? If he lived in Cass county he’d be a Democrat…

We don’t want him either. Unity!

Big opportunity to get some to get some national recognition and support if you would vote against McCarthy. Take the stand and get verbal!


You might want to read the room. The majority of your constituents do NOT support @GOPLeader.

If you count Democrats that’s probably close to being true.


Please be a hero and be one of 6 Republicans to vote for Jeffries!

A tweet is the best you can do?

Well, he is a former newsreader so you could probably cut him some slack.

Then don’t vote for McCarthy. He is bought and paid by the Swamp lobbyists. We don’t want business as usual, in D.C.. He promised you seats on the Ag and Defense committees so you can buy votes w/ the Farm and Defense spending money, just like Hartzler. Be different.

And yet you keep voting for them. Or did you?

Stop voting for Mcarthy!!!!!! We don’t want him!

Eleven times. So far.

Missouri’s 4th district deserves more than you

Low bar, but true.

Why not get it done and vote for the leading vote getter?


I question your choice of words. “Deserve” is out of place:

The American people “deserve” a government that looks out for them, not just a certain subset or corporations.

The House “needs” a Speaker in order to operate, though.

Oh no, not you too.

Eleven times.

Then you should stop voting for Kevin. You PROMISED YOU WOULD NOT BE PART OF THE SWAMP.

It’s you clowns 🤡 holding it up. Why don’t you do something worthwhile.

Time to work for the people who voted for you or don’t sign any long term leases. Brattin would have the balls to stand up to McCarthy and the Swamp.

Rick Brattin (r). Heh.

It’s pretty clear Alford is determined to be a loyal back bencher (like Hartzler) with the sole goal to funnel as much money as he can from Agriculture & Defense spending to buy a House sinecure. We will have to Primary him in 2024 if he doesn’t step up and do the right thing.

That’s so cute.

Tells us then, who have you voted for each and every time so far????

You’ve been so quiet towards faithful followers ever since WE elected YOU

You know, you can easily look it up. Eleven times.

From TV hack to cult puppet. Thanks for everything

You need to pay attention to the people that VOTED for you, you are suppose to be representing us and be our voice- you aren’t hearing us loud enough- NO MCCARTHY! You aren’t there for yourself- you are there for us- prove it.

Then quit voting for the establishment swamp. You are doing a horrible job your first day in office. You are falling to the cartel. Be brave like the 20 heroes. Make Missouri proud. So far you’re just another one of the swamp I will never vote for you again.

They seem upset.

Amazed that the majority of these tweets are against MCCarthy and yet you KEEP VOTING for him. I guess you went to Washington not to stand up for the people of MO, but to join the millionaire swamp club. Way to go. Can’t wait till you start voting with Cleaver…

I believe that this is how the next 2 years of republicans in charge of the house will proceed. Nothing MEANINGFUL will be accomplished. Not a single bill moved forward. You and the GOP are a complete and utter joke !

NO for McCarthy a yes vote for McCarthy means it’s your only term . NO FOR McCarthy ! We The People DO NOT want McCarthy . I live in your district and I will never vote for you again if you vote yes to McCarthy . We will make sure you never get re-elected if you vote for him.

You have betrayed every American of MO. You lied to all of our faces and are a RINO. VOTE NO TO MCCARTHY.

The Canadians are probably okay with it, though.


That was then (January 4, 2023)

Says the fool who has been sitting on a bench doing nothing for three straight days (January 5, 2023)

Doing nothing much on a Thursday evening (January 6, 2023)