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Number of Children Below Poverty in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District (2017):

Food Research and Action Center

American Community Survey – Census Reporter – In Missouri’s 8th Congressional District:

$23,978 ±$300
Per capita income
about three-quarters of the amount in Missouri: $31,839 ±$172
about two-thirds of the amount in United States: $35,384 ±$91

$44,753 ±$704
Median household income
about 80 percent of the amount in Missouri: $57,290 ±$288
about two-thirds of the amount in United States: $64,994 ±$128

18.5% ±0.5% (131,404 ±3,812)
Persons below poverty line
about 1.4 times the rate in Missouri: 13% 772,992 (±0.2% / ±11,899)
about 1.4 times the rate in United States: 12.8% 40,910,326 (±0.1% / ±258,486)

Jason Smith (r) [2022 file photo].

This morning:

Rep. Jason Smith @RepJasonSmith
The Washington Democrats’ response to families who are suffering the worst inflation crisis in 40 years is to give the IRS even more money to go after those families.
9:03 AM · Aug 23, 2022

Do you know anyone who makes more than $400,000.00 a year?

As usual, there was much hilarity in the responses:

Help us out.
What is your income?
How much are your taxes going up?

-87k new over 10 years
-50k current employees scheduled to retire
-Your district has the LOWEST per capita household income… $31k & under are not getting audited.

#puppymill proponent

I believe the response was extra money that helped lift kids out of poverty. I believe you fought against that.

Bro, you represent the poorest district in Missouri and continue to give tax cuts to the wealthy.

Those families aren’t cheating on their taxes. Stop lying. What are you scared of?

Is this the best you can do. This lie has been debunked multiple times.

If I am audited. I’ll comply with it. What’s your problem?

Really, the IRS has no interest in “going after” ANYONE who pays their taxes in the 1st place.
It’s not so hard to understand.

Enforcing tax laws shouldn’t scare anyone except people breaking tax laws..

As usual, this is completely false. The IRS audits irregularities, and not even on the first issue. Be honest with your constituents.

This is a lie. Those suffering the worst, are making nowhere near 400K. The IRS will be going after the tax cheats making 400K or more.

No. After people like you.

No, the Democrats’ response was the Inflation Reduction Act.

Yeah, so gaslight somewhere else.

The #InflationReductionAct increases taxes on taxpayers making over $400K/year. That’s the top 1.8% of taxpayers — does that sound like the middle class?

The top 5% cheats their way out of $300 BILLION/year. It’s time they pay their #FairShare! That’s why the IRS needs funding.

America’s wealthiest 10% have 70% of all income and wealth.
So no, Jason.
The IRS will not be targeting the 90% of working families with only 30% of the income and wealth.

The GOP is terrified of their wealthy donors being audited.

They were paid to keep that from happening and failed.

IRS agents pursue and prosecute tax frauds. Once again, the Missouri GOP proves they’re not the ‘law and order’ party.

BTW, tax cuts do nothing to reduce inflation. The Missouri GOP are pushing for tax cuts for the wealthy at the worst possible time.

Jason why don’t you tell us about all the failing infrastructure in your district or how people from your district are literally starving and how the only thing you do is complain on Twitter that democrats are trying to help people.

I find your tweet of no help and wonder how you justify a 6 figure tax payer salary

You mean the 10 year plan to replace the aging workforce? Most Americans don’t make enough money to not take the standard deduction. You lie about everything, clown boy.

There it is.