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A group is up in arms about the Warrensburg Pride Festival scheduled for June 3, 2023. There will be drag shows on the program. You know, fancy costumes, theatrical makeup, show and pop music tunes. This is nothing new. There were Pride Festivals in Warrensburg in 2021 and 2022. After security concerns about threats were addressed the Warrensburg Pride Festival is proceeding with its original format.

These right wingnut busybodies had organized on-line to speak to the Warrensburg City Council during the public comment portion of the City Council’s evening meetings on April 24th and May 8th, asking them to limit or cancel the Pride Festival. A loosely organized group of LGBTQIA+ allies organized on-line to speak in support of the Pride Festival. The Warrensburg City Council listened.

Yesterday someone posted their upset on a Warrensburg community social media page:

It shocks me that the city of Warrensburg is ok with a
“family friendly” drag show. So disappointing!

There was much hilarity in over a thousand responses:

I’ve gone since they started 2 years ago!

If you don’t like it don’t go. But good on Warrensburg for being inclusive

Thanks for posting this! I didn’t know it was happening! [….] let’s go!

[….] exactly lol. I don’t think free advertisement was what they were going for but it’s what they got. [….]
I was disappointed when they canceled the family friendly. Nice to see we can take the family now.

you should be ashamed for still coming on Facebook just to take time out of your day to discriminate something you don’t even go to it’s childish grow up hun

Get a grip [….]. Imagine how much energy you’d have not being so full of hate.

Warrensburg is a very diversified community. Men dressing as women has been around for 100’s of years.

It’s amazing on the last 2 that it’s become such a topic of ‘concern’.
And those so concerned haven’t got the brains to realize they didn’t care their whole lives until they were told it was bad by politics…and too blindsee they’ve been duped as pawns in an imaginary culture war.

Sounds like a fun time

[….] we are afraid of what we don’t know. I would say come and check it out, but I’d recommend therapy first!!

Imagine being a crotchety old woman and directing hate to something that has nothing to do with them. Go knit a blanket and watch fox and mind your own damn business for a change [….]

Saw RuPaul Drag Race guys at Hamburger Mary’s in Chicago a few years back, what a great show.


Worry about yourself [….]. I bet you’re a Christian who “only god can judge” too [….].

Imma just point that I’ve seen plenty of men dressed in drag around Warrensburg, year around too, and no one said a word. I’ve seen them at grocery stores, gas stations, fast food restaurants, literally everywhere. Lived there nearly 20yrs. Not a single issue. Now all of a sudden it is? Why? Just cause they don’t match your beliefs, lifestyles and micro-managed thought processes? Like my mama told me growing, life ain’t fair and you are just gonna have to learn to get along with it. Let them have this. It’s not like our country is trying to actively kill them at every legal turn. Oh wait. Yes, they are.

Girl just say you don’t know how to have fun

18+ at 6 p.m., drag show starts at 6 p.m….lazy propagandaing but ok.

An explanation:

[….] this was originally an all ages event until threats were made towards the staff, performers and the venue supposedly for having an all ages show. At the same time a group of people in this town were attending city council meetings and demanding an ordinance be passed to make drag only for 21+.
With that Nclusion decided to make it 18+.
People became upset and offered to assist. Now that security has been heavily increased and a police presence will be at the event off and on the threat has been mitigated. The event will be all ages with 2 all age shows. After 5 pm the event will be cleared to check that no minors are in the building before the 6 pm adults only show.
Also, that group at the city council now wants to pass an ordinance banning all drag. [….] is a proud member of the group.

[….] wow that’s super gross behavior on their part. It’s seriously just people dressing up and having a fun time. The shows that are meant to be for 18+ are always super strict about it being specifically 18+ too. It isn’t like they just allow small children in for that. It doesn’t suprise me about burg at all but I’m glad that there are so many people who are open and loving moving out this way, it hasn’t always been like that.

Back to the main thread:

[….] it all started going downhill when they took down the old Arby’s sign.

It’s fitting your name is [….] lol. Love is love, clearly you don’t understand that.

Another branch:

it’s weird not only how obsessed you are with something you claim to be so against, but also how fixated you are on the sexual aspect of drag queens. You a lil curious there, sweetie? Having some confusing feelings?

Main thread:

If ya don’t like it don’t go

Oooh I hadn’t seen this yet! Thanks for sharing!

Shows like this are why I’m so glad to live in this community. Anyone who doesn’t like it? Well, there are plenty of other communities that will accept you.

We see what you did there.

Just let people live their life. If you don’t like it, don’t take your family or kids, let people be happy and enjoy the life God blessed us with. Love thy neighbor.

Don’t worry, no one descended to hell last year, everyone but the seven people across the street who spent their day miserable had a really good time

[2022 file photo]

Oh where do I begin? Well, first, you should get out more. Warrensburg is diversified AND inclusive! You might try it. Second, why should ANYONE’S way of life be excluded? Third, people usually eschew that which they don’t understand. [….]

I’m sorry you feel the need to project the way you feel about yourself onto others. It’s not hard to be kind. Give it a try.

Thank you for sharing we wouldn’t have known with out your negativity/hate! Grow up ……[….]

You know you don’t have to go to it. I’m disappointed in you for not realizing that the world does not revolve around you

I feel like we’ve all already had this conversation with someone like you. It’s boring now. We get it. You’re stuck in your ways. Good for you. Just remember.. it’s 2023.. Your Era is up. Get used to it, boomer.

We all have.

Wow!!! Who do you think you are right now?!?! I don’t insert myself into the crap on this page very often but that was to disrespectful!

So much better than the beauty pagents for children!!! If I’m able, I’ll make sure to make it a family event [….]

Grow up. Like seriously

Show me on the doll where the drag queen hurt you when you were a kid.
Oh that’s right, they didn’t nor will they ever. Stop hating on something you clearly don’t understand.

Look at all the free publicity you got for the show! What a boost for the community you have been, love. I have no doubt they appreciate you! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Sounds like fun

So don’t go. How fucking hard is that?

It’s shocking that you feel like everyone should have to follow YOUR beliefs. Don’t like it? Don’t friggin go.

[….] This post didn’t go the way she thought it would.

[….]: I hate this thing
Also [….]: posts flyer so even more people know about the event! [….] The organizers thank you…because of YOU, more people will attend. Oopsies! [….]

There’s that.

I hope you’re ready to have your feelings hurt. If you’re not interested don’t go, nobody is forcing you. But I’m am so glad to have diversity close to my home. People are allowed to express theirselves just like you have in this post. I’m going to go off on a limb and guess you’re Christian.. what a shame if so. God wants us to love everybody or so I’ve been told. Much love to you and yours [….]

Thank you [….] had no idea this was happening here! Looks like it’s gonna be really fun! [….]

What is disappoint, is all of the so called adults that have decided this is a threat.
Grow up people

it’s 2023. get with the program.

Your whole profile is…yikes…

Don’t go, problem solved

Thanks for bringing awareness to this event! A lot of people didn’t know about this until you posted it so thanks so much because of your contributions more people will attend the event [….]

Some of ya’ll need to touch some grass. Get out an explore the world. That small town mindset. Yikes. [….]

someone should tell them their bathroom in their home is *gasp* gender neutral

Can’t wait !!!!

Waaa waaa waaa

Offs…..this is not the first year we’ve had drag shows here…..chill….you’re not required to go [….]

Actual license plate.


It means go if your family is friendly. And if yours isn’t, stay home.

Fuck all the way off. Although, thanks for letting me know about Pridefest.

Just because you may not like it doesn’t mean anybody else will..people need to be more accepting..let people be happy! Shit it isn’t hard.
Stay home if you don’t like it. [….]
I am personally glad that we are having something like this here!
I just don’t understand what you benefit for being ugly?

I’ll buy your ticket to both shows and have you up front and center! What time should I pick you up?

Omg no we must save the children from….. Awesomeness!!!! How dare we allow children to see these amazing performers!!!

[2021 file photo]

Omg I had no idea this was happening! Thank you so much for spreading awareness. I’m so excited to go! I just got some awesome pride merch

Oh no a show that you can choose whether or not to go to….. good grief

Honestly, I’m dumbfounded as to why anyone would even comment on a post simply announcing a public function here in Warrensburg. If it’s not your thing, don’t attend. If it’s something of interest to you, by all means, go see it. Fairly simple.

Hi yeah go if you want to, don’t if you don’t. Everyone go outside, have a nice evening

Imagine being such a snowflake you think clothing has an assigned gender.

let’s not even address that historically heels and makeup were originally considered masculine

In early theatre, women were not allowed to perform so men “gasp” dressed as women!! Dang that Shakespeare for damaging family values by writing women into his plays.

Oh no, people in costumes scare you… don’t go, that simple

This is year 3 of this show here in Warrensburg and I attended the first 2 as well. It is an absolute blast! Regina La-rae is the host and an absolute queen. The booths are fun and the atmosphere can’t be beat. I highly recommend.

I bet Halloween pisses you off huh?

I love RuPauls Drag Show. I didn’t know they were going to be guests! Now I have to go!!

It doesn’t affect you so what does it matter

Ew. Another Karen

Some of ya’ll preaching all this hate sure are acting like the Pharisees and not the Jesus you claim to love

It makes me sad Warrensburg has so many bigots… disgusting

Jesus said the old laws have passed away and he gave us one command… To LOVE one and other as he loved us. The bible says God is LOVE. To the hate spewing “Christians”, LOVE brings more people to Christ than your hate ever will. All of you have family or friends that are gay, your hate terrifies them.

Just how is it being “shoved on you? ” Yoy certainly don’t have to go to this event. Stay home. Keep scrolling and even ignore this post entirely.

I must say I’m proud of Warrensburg right now, standing up for this event. And for that, I thank you.

It amazes me how judgemental people are. Same folks are “entertained” by movies like Mrs. Doubtfire, Tootsie, and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar and more. It is entertainment! If you don’t think you will like it, don’t go! These Entertainers put on a great show and certainly do not need your negativity!! [….]

also Bugs Bunny, The Carol Burnett Show…

Don’t be a bigot.

Here’s a thought… if you don’t like it, don’t go. [….]

I thought most religion teaches to NOT JUDGE OTHERS. So much bigotry happening here.

DRAG QUEENS ARE JUST PERFORMERS!! THAT IS A L L. no different than a normal concert. no different than a band performance. or a circus. all of these things have the option to be ‘18+’ but can also be family friendly!! and most ARE family friendly!!
you all would rather die on a grave of bigotry, misinformation, and hate then recognize that there are actual problems and actual threats to our children going on.
You guys are the ones who want our children to be safe, but you’re the only ones imagining children in a gross context!!!

I can’t wait until all these haters find out that Shakespearean performances were technically drag performers. Men playing females. Men playing Juliet, having a sex scene portraying a woman.
Drag is nothing new. Y’all just got too damn soft and hide your hatred toward the lgbt community by bashing drag performers. [….]

Can you post the whole ad please. I would really like to go, with my kids!!!

If you don’t like it don’t go just stay away from it and don’t come onto Facebook and complain about something that doesn’t even involve you and drag performers are very family friendly around children especially at Warrensburgs pride show

If you don’t like it. Don’t go. Stop telling others what they can do because you are a homophobe

If you don’t like it. Scroll on by. Don’t be a Karen.

I mean, hats off to Warrensburg for being so inclusive, tolerant, progressive and 2023 century!! Way to go!! [….]

Because simply choosing not to go is so hard. [….]

Well if you don’t like it, stay home and keep your hatred to yourself, the world doesn’t need people like you spreading your ignorance and hate

Well now that you’ve announced it I hope the whole town shows up.

Oh my god get a life

Drag is not inherently sexual. And your perception of that is a you problem. [….]

So don’t go.

How embarrassing for your family that you actually posted this lol

What shocks me is there’s still people who discriminate against others who arent hurting a soul.

Thanks for posting this. I totally forgot!

And it shocks me we have people as ignorant and regressive as you. Face the facts homeslice, it’s 2023. They don’t expose themselves, the worst thing they do is swear like a sailor and hell I’m guilty of that! Drag is art. It’s expression. It’s BEAUTIFUL. And your attitude is not.

I’m glad Warrensburg is able to support diversity and groups that have been persecuted by people like the one who made this post. It’s unfortunate that today they are still having to worry about their freedoms being stripped away by fearful/hateful people. Grow up and learn some tolerance.

June 3rd? Perfect. Thanks for the advertising, this will be a great outing for my daughter and I!

If you don’t want your family going, don’t take your family. What other people do with their families is none of your business.

The world will progress without you, don’t worry

Thanks for posting! I had no idea this was happening! Drag shows are so much fun. Can’t wait!

Can I just say I love the support for this event. I can’t wait to take my kiddoes and go. This is ganna be amazing. Also looking for more LGBTQIA+ Friends. Especially parent friends.

Thanks for the advertisement! Seems like it’ll be a lot of fun, I’ll make sure to let all the kids know that the drag queens are statistically near 100% safer than the priest at church

it shocks me that people like you still exist, pls do the research before you post things like this on a public platform. obviously you don’t understand the severity of your hate, nor do you understand the reality of your words and their consequences. you hate it because you don’t understand it, that doesn’t mean that everyone around you isn’t allowed to enjoy queer spaces.

Is this the same Burg where there was publicly a post shaming Asian people and majority of the racists came out of their snake holes to spew a bunch of hate-filled crap? That Burg?? Or the one where these people would cry over a mask being put over their face for a brief moment in a store?? That Burg?
Then are we really that surprised these people don’t have a grasp on what drag is? Like, are we CERTAIN we’re that surprised?? [….] These people are the personification of “yeehaw” and we are that surprised… like…. I’m not surprised in the slightest. These people don’t know what they’re talking about. Drag isn’t even in a certain age group, it varies depending on the performer. It’s like saying Taylor Swift is in the same type of age demographic she caters to, as Cardi B. Come on, now… I know you guys aren’t that dependent on assumptions and grouping people up.
But thank you for this post as it reminds me that I can in fact attend ! I’ll keep it in mind.

What’s shocks me is that it’s really that big of a problem to some people. Seriously it’s not like they are doing this with a captive audience with no choice in what they are watching. If you dont want to see it then don’t go, its a Super simple solution to a super simple perceived problem
It really doesn’t matter where you stand in your personal beliefs, as long as nobody is forcing anyone to do anything then mind your own business

You’d think.

Sounds like a fun evening my nieces and I [….] Thanks for the reminder

This isn’t going how you thought it would, huh [….]

You don’t want to go or don’t want your family to go, then simply don’t go. It’s simple as that.

It’s a beautiful thing watching bigots trip over each other trying to out-bigot the other.

My earnest hope and desire is that this post has, and will continue to, open the eyes of the community of Warrensburg to the extreme danger that activities like the drag show presents to the children. This thread has been filled with hateful, ungodly, rhetoric that is scary, to say the least. This invasion is not going to go away on it’s own. YOU, good people of Warrensburg, MO, and surrounding areas, are going to have to fight against it! Don’t hide in your comfort zone; don’t be afraid that somebody is going to talk mean to you with lies and unfounded insults. Get up and fight against the menace that wants to infiltrate and steal your children from the good and hopeful life you are trying to create for them. If you don’t, you will regret it.

Imagine being this stupid, and thinking “I’m not stupid”

Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Thanks for advertising this! Looks like a fun event!

Get over it, crybaby


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