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“…I am a person. I think that’s what we’re down to here, an issue of people. And we’re forgetting that we are people…”

A group billing themselves as Johnson County Citizens for the Protection of Children is up in arms about the Warrensburg Pride Festival scheduled for June 3, 2023. There will be drag shows on the program. You know, fancy costumes, theatrical makeup, show tunes. This is nothing new. There were Pride Festivals in Warrensburg in 2021 and 2022.

These right wingnut busybodies organized on-line to present a petition to the Warrensburg City Council during the public comment portion of Monday night’s meeting to limit or cancel the Pride Festival. A loosely organized group of LGBTQIA+ allies organized on-line to speak in support of the Pride Festival.

Over 100 individuals crowded into the city council chamber.

The portion of the meeting for public comment was prefaced by an explanation of the ground rules. The city council was there to listen, but would not comment nor respond to questions. Individuals who signed up for public comment were allotted three minutes, with a city official acting as the timer. This worked well, with one glaring exception. Speakers were asked to state their name and address.

…I’ve been to drag shows before. I went to one last year. Been to Pride festivals, never saw any sort of child abuse going on.

I respect their rights to come and protest that if they want, that’s their choice. But that’s why we’re here.

Rather what I saw going on there and what my family saw going on there was messages of empowerment and joy…

…I just wanted to say I have attended one of these drag shows in Warrensburg with several of my family. I’m a thirty-three year resident of Warrensburg, I’m married, we have five children together, four who are adults.

The drag show was quite enjoyable. I did not see anything objectionable from my point of view. I did not see any potential for harm to anybody. There were some people who were wearing nice clothing. There were people wearing makeup. They lip-synched. Some of them did quite a good job, some of them did okay. [laughter] We all enjoyed it.

The additional point that I just wanted to bring up is that I believe it’s in the economic interest of Warrensburg to support a diversity of events to which people with different interests feel welcome to attend. And to the extent we don’t do that I think it contributes to an image problem that can only hurt the city economically.

So I support Warrensburg being open to holding a variety of events for people with a variety of preferences and interests.

Thank you.

…I’ve lived here in Warrensburg for eleven years I think now…I have never been this disappointed in our elected officials in this country as I am standing here today. I remember years ago it was common, it was a very common to hear the phrase it takes a village to raise a child. And there was a time that we knew as a country that we knew we were working as a united team. The parents, our extended families, our church family, and of course, our government supporting the traditional family and the ideas attached.

Sadly, our villages are broken. Families are divided. Our schools are busy trying to be politically correct. And all the while trying to convince our youth that America’s moral ground has shifted.

The saddest, most pathetic part of all of this is that our churches have forgotten their own role, in not just the family, but in our nation.

Then there’s the smaller government such as city boards, school boards that continually change the rules, that despite all the logic and moral facts that would negate their divisive changes and actions. So, I find myself in front of one of those smaller governments. And, let’s face it, you all need a gentle reminder every now and then that you do represent we the people.

And many of these people are too young and, and they have a voice that is just not heard so we have to be their voice. I do attend church and I am fully aware that [inaudible]. And even though my kids are grown I can tell you this, my job has not ended.

The majority who didn’t get out and vote who are represented here through myself and in people in this room today do not want this mislabeled immoral cabaret event in our county. Honestly, we don’t want it anywhere.

We can clearly see, this is the national consensus, all you have to do is look at the bills that are currently waiting for amending and vote [….] and Tennessee just passed anti-drag queen legislation, Ohio did as well.

Here we are relying on you to make a fair, sound, moral, ethical assessment and judgment based on the following facts, all the while remembering you are the voice of we the people. And that includes our children.

And do, I don’t know if any of you know the definition of pedophilia, but I’m gonna share it with you [inaudible] the dictionary. [voice: “So now I’m a pedophile?”] Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder [….] [timer: “Fifteen seconds.”] …So, they are attracted to these age groups. Now, knowing this, what part of a performance begins with a goal of a man dressing as a woman [timer: “Time.”], putting on makeup [voice: “Ma’am, that’s the expiration of your time.”] and strapping on body parts and dancing provocatively. And by the way, you all have a picture…[shouting][gavel]

Silent majority? That’s not how this all works.

Tennessee? Ohio? Uh, we’re in Warrensburg, Missouri.

Rules. How Ironic.



Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…

Is this a great country, or what?

…I am a Silver-haired Representative for Pettis County, retired Air Force, and I’ve been to both of the previous Pride events. As a Silver-haired representative I’m a required reporter as well. And there was never any occurrence in which I felt a need to call Social Services.

What I did see was love and inclusion, which is sorely lacking in today’s society. Ones what I think we’re supposed to be trying and do better for our children, and by showing the good in everyone.

So, the pride is just that…

…I come to you tonight as a white woman, speaking from the Christian faith. And my concern goes back to pledging allegiance a little earlier tonight and the freedoms that we enjoy to congregate with those we want to. My faith tradition came in 1720 to Pennsylvania, persecuted in Germany. If you baptized an adult you were killed. And so they came here seeking religious freedom. Freedom we enjoy today. To choose what church we want to attend, what community event we want to be part of. And I believe, tonight we are here for a much larger issue. And that is the freedoms we enjoy which are being threatened by persons who want to pinpoint one group.

And I want to share the importance of that in a quote by Martin Niemoller, a Lutheran pastor, who spoke after Nazi Germany. And he said:

First they came for the Socialists. And I did not speak out, because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade-unionists. And I didn’t speak out because I was not a Trade-unionist.

Then they came for the Jews. And I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me. And there was no one left to speak for me.

I think we need to take those words to heart tonight as we speak up for those who are on the margins of our society. I believe Jesus did that, as he gave me that example. I want us to love others and to lift up those on the margins in or community. And to celebrate the gift of God’s creation in each human being.

Thank you.

…I would just like to say, what exactly are we talking here? Kids like me? People who encourage them to be who they are? I don’t understand why a woman, pardon, a man in a dress is a problem if they want to wear a dress. I don’t understand. I, my rights are being threatened at the state level and yet we’re here worrying about this?…

…You’re not allowed to tell me what I can and cannot do just because, you, your religion or beliefs say it. I have my own beliefs. I am a person. I think that’s what we’re down to here, an issue of people. And we’re forgetting that we are people.

Thank you.


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