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Never got out of junior high school.

Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].

This morning:

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Mark Alford @markalfordkc
I challenge @POTUS to take and pass a Delaware drivers license test. If you can’t pass that, you shouldn’t be allowed to drive our great nation into the ground.
10:02 AM · Apr 26, 2023

Some of the responses to Mark Alford (r):

Do tweets like this get you in with ‘the cool kids’? And by kids I mean the extreme GOP’ers? And by GOP’ers, I mean insurrectionists? And by insurrectionists I mean.. you know EXACTLY what I mean! SO what EXACTLY have you done for your constituents since you took office Mark?? [….]

Don’t you need to sit on a phone book to see over the steering wheel?

Has trump ever driven himself anywhere? Does he even have a drivers license? Y’all are such jokes!

First, focus your constituency, second, no sitting president is allowed to drive on public roads.

Mark, are you this angry because you aren’t tall enough for the rides at Worlds of Fun? I’m seriously asking.

Did you ask DT the same question? Or will you? Asking for a friend.

You are worse than I expected you’d be. Congrats.

Unfortunately for you, that is not a qualification to be a TWO term president of the United States.

I’ve seen him drive his corvette. He can drive

I hear there’s an opening at Fox News. Maybe you should go back to being a third-rate newsreader, Congressman Burgundy!

What do you actually do other than tweet cringe?

I challenge you to take a citizenship test. You’re a failure

As my Papa used to say, Elect a clown, expect a circus. Those dad jokes you thought were funny when you were on the morning show, they really weren’t. Now that you’re representing a portion of Missourians, they’re even less so.

You aren’t qualified to challenge anyone on anything…except how to showboat.

Not sure the guy who dropped out of college and decided to sit at a desk on TV should be issuing competency test challenges. [….]

Shut up and do something useful you prick

1. Presidents don’t really drive themselves.
2. When he does, his cars are so much cooler than yours.
3. The Orange Buffoon y’all worship is only 4 years different.
4. Grow up and actually try to bring substance to your job representing MO. You are a do nothing hack.

President Joe Biden test drive of the Ford F-150 Lightning all-electric pick up at Ford’s Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, Dearborn, Michigan.
18 May 2021
The White House

Are you three years old Alford? You are an embarrassment

Of all the idiotic things you’ve vomited up on the internet, this is one.

The man has a drivers license, you fucking idiot.

We all challenge you to stop being an idiot.

By the way, where is the Republican spending bill?

I don’t think you want to challenge anyone to a test you fucking clown.