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Warrensburg, Missouri.

Some Like it Hot (1959) – Academy Award for Best Costume Design. “…In 1989, the Library of Congress selected it as one of the first 25 films for preservation in the United States National Film Registry for being ‘culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant’…”

Tootsie (1982) – Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. “…In 1998, the Library of Congress deemed the film ‘culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant’ and selected it for preservation in the United States National Film Registry…”

Victor/Victoria (1982) – Academy Award for Best Original score.

Pride Festival – Warrensburg, Missouri – June 26, 2021 [file photo].

A group billing themselves as Johnson County Citizens for the Protection of Children [and the Lone Defenders of the One True Faith and Local PTA] is up in arms about the Warrensburg Pride Festival scheduled for June 3, 2023. There will be drag shows on the program. You know, fancy costumes, theatrical makeup, show tunes. This is nothing new.

From their big government, self-righteous manifesto:

[….] The last two years, “Drag Shows for Children” were held right here in Johnson County, and on June 3rd, a group plans to hold another at the Elks Lodge/Meadows Rental Venue in Warrensburg. Our community was caught off guard before, but after seeing 40+ children exposed to this abuse last year, we, as concerned citizens, have organized to demand that this year’s event be restricted to adults 18 and older or canceled. [….]

Says who?

Pearl clutching moroons.

There’s a Warrensburg City Council meeting on Monday, April 24, 2023. They plan on asking the city council to subscribe to their bigotry, or something. There’s even a petition:

For the purposes of the health and safety of our children. NClusionPlus plans on holding a Drag Queen Event hosted by the Elks Lodge/Meadows Rental Venue. We must stop this! We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens urging our elected officials to support the protection of our children. STOP this event!

%%Your Signature%%

Concern Citizen for the protection of our children

They have a countdown clock. Seriously. Drama queens.

Pride Festival – Warrensburg, Missouri [2022 file photo].


Warrensburg Pride Festival – June 26, 2021 (June 26, 2021)

Local busybodies engage in pearl clutching (June 3, 2022)

“I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians, they are so unlike your Christ.” (June 4, 2022)

Pride Festival – Warrensburg, Missouri – June 4, 2022 (June 4, 2023)