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“Trans Liberation Now”


Jess Piper @piper4missouri
I keep seeing folks saying that a trans lifestyle is being shoved down their throat. I have never had a trans person knock on my door and try to convert me. I have never had a trans person leave lit on my car. I’ve never had a trans person threaten me with fire if I don’t agree.
1:04 PM · May 29, 2023

Jess Piper (D) [2022 file photo].

Some of the responses:

Why can’t they just ignore it, like they do school shootings?

Every trans person I’ve ever met just wanted to blend in. Let people live their lives.

Somehow in their minds, other people simply existing is “shoving it down their throats.”
They want to be victims so badly.

I’ve never had a trans person suggest I should be trans like them.

Allowing trans people to exist in peace is apparently “shoving it down their throats”. Mmkay.

By “down their throats,” I think they mean, “having to acknowledge they share the same planet with.”

I think there has been a huge uptick in trans media being widely broadcast lately, but it isn’t by trans people, it’s by outraged right wingers constantly reposting trans content. They’re shoving it down their own throats.

LGBT+ people being allowed to exist is of course what’s really bothering the right.

I’ve never had a trans person leave a tip with a tract disguised as a twenty dollar bill

They said the same about gay people, and interracial marriage, and nonchristian families, etc.

People who create false narratives about lifestyles being forced upon them are usually the same people who fantasize about forcing their own preferences on others. These are the words used to justify oppression.

Ditto. And I’ve known trans people since the 1980s. Most of them are just plain helpful.

I wonder too, how many who say this are also in the group wanting to insist everyone must abide their definition of love and marriage. Yet do not see that as shoving their view in anyone else’s face.

These are the same people that said the same thing about interracial marriage and people being gay. They are bigots but they are trying to hide it by saying “I’m fine with it, I just don’t want to see it”. These are not serious or mature people.

A trans person lives in my house and I don’t feel like they’re forcing anything down my throat. They probably feel like I’m forcing sci-fi/fantasy shows down their throat. I think they’ll like Sandman once we start it though.

Yeah, funny how “Hi, I exist” is seen as the most horrible affront, while chasing someone down yelling about hellfire is supposed to be just fine

My trans students have been…students.

To a bigot, the mere existence of trans or other queer people openly being who they are is experienced as “shoved down my throat”. Just a continuation of their traditional view of “uppity” people of any stripe.

I’ve never had a trans person yelling through a megaphone to repent as I walk down the street

Neither have I. Weird. It’s almost like… they aren’t.

It’s all performative.

I’ve had a trans person knock on my door.

We invited her to her goddaughter’s birthday.

True. And I was just thinking that I‘ve never had a trans person tell me they were trans. Like they don’t even mention it if you aren’t all up in their business.

Yea. Queer people existing is simply too much for them.

I remember 15 years ago when they said “the gay agenda is being shoved down our throats!”. And 10 years ago. And yesterday

I also haven’t seen billboards and people on corners with signs indicating I must repent and become trans.

I’m hearing it’s like multi level marketing. Recruit 100 people and get a car.

I have met many people who are LBGTQ throughout my life. None have tried to convert me ever! They are some of the kindest most considerate people I have met. Their lifestyle differs from mine so be it. I accept people for who they are.

“Don’t Legislate Hate”