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And family values, personal responsibility, and respect for the law are so yesterday.

That’s what happens when some random person in your business pays off a porn star to your benefit, cooks the business books to hide it, and messes with your tax filings.

Josh Hawley (r) goes on about the unfairness of it all. Yesterday afternoon:

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
I say again: this case against Trump has nothing to do with the law. It’s an assault on the rule of law. It has everything to do with power, and the Democrats’ determination to keep it at any cost
4:08 PM · Apr 4, 2023


Some of the responses:

You should write laws to prevent this instead of writing tweets

Write a law for what? To prevent an obese mobster from being indicted for crimes he actually committed?

Go sit down, coward.

Your support for Trump is purely political. You supported his Jan 6 insurrection, & now your political fortunes are tied to his. You care nothing for the rule of law, you care only about power. You are a coward & a fraud. #GOPTraitorsToDemocracy

You still have not said Trump is innocent.
Why not?

Dude. He is criminal. He should get a free pass because he is your cult leader?

Still about the rule of law.


He broke the law, Josh.

This is a lie. It has everything to do with a criminal who did crimes.

Investigating crimes, compiling evidence, putting that evidence before a grand jury, who then decides there are merits to the charges, to then indict an individual is an assault on the rule of law?

Mr. Hawley, that is how the law is supposed to play out. No one is above the law.

It’s a good thing people don’t depend on you for their legal advice.

You butt- hurt, bro?


He’s a criminal and you’re a coward.

Not true. A grand jury examined evidence of crimes and voted to indict. Let’s talk about it next time you’re home in MO….except you don’t have a home here, do you?

Wow, really? But, it wasn’t Dems who had a fake elector scheme and also a coup attempt on J6, that was YOUR party! Try again.

You supported the insurrection. Don’t talk to us about the law.

The indictment was brought be a grand jury, not by democrats. His fate will be decided by a jury, not the democrats. Are you suggesting that there’s an issue with trial by jury, mister “rule-of-law”?

I don’t know, man. 34 felony counts sounds pretty serious.

A Grand Jury voted to indict Trump, champ.

Tell us again about this power and control?

You look foolish. You should probably stop talking now. There are many more indictments coming and you know it. It doesn’t help that he’s on camera admitting to his crimes.


You gave up on the rule of law a long time ago. Insurrectionist traitor.

Nixon: I’m not a crook.
Trump: I’m a crook – so what.


You say a lot of things Mr. Hawley and none of them mean very much because in the words of Lilian Helman, “you cut your conscience to suit this years fashion.”

Do you think Trump is above the law?

I have read the statement of facts, it has everything to do with the law. Trump left a paper trail longer than a CVS receipt!

Saying something untrue over and over does not make it true. But it fools people, which is as American as you can get.


34 Felonies (April 5, 2023)