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Vicky Hartzler (r) [2021 file photo].


Vicky Hartzler

The one year anniversary of January 6th highlights the Democrats’ obsession with Donald Trump and the politicization of this unfortunate event. Instead of focusing on the great challenges facing Americans today, such as Inflation hurting families, the border crisis raging on, and our enemies across the globe no longer fearing us, the Left wants to continue living in the past. We MUST change course.

We also must remember that Americans who participated in the Capitol riots last year are still being held in despicable conditions. While these individuals broke the law and should be held accountable, they should not be denied basic rights. The January 6th panel should tour the D.C. jail and ensure that constitutionally protected rights are upheld.

“…The January 6th panel should…”

Wait, Vicky Hartzler voted against the “January 6th” panel.

Insurrection and Sedition (May 19, 2021)

Some of the responses to Vicky Hartzler’s (r) post on Facebook:

You defend the traitors to democracy.
Got it.

Sometimes, Vicky, the truth is hard to see. Your statements reveal that you are blind to the “dagger at the throat of democracy”. Your failure to support the investigations into the revolt show in a bright light how you are denying your oath to this country. You should be outraged at what happened on 1-6-21 not continuing to spread the BIG LIE. The truth will always come out. The leaders who assisted in this American disgrace will be held accountable. You can either be on the side of the truth and be part of the healing of this country or you can continue your scheme to support those who lie. You have the choice and I encourage you to do what is right for your constituents and country.

“Unfortunate event”, that’s what you call an attempted coup? You are nothing more than a complicit hack.

Interesting that you’re choosing to make a statement on this on your campaign page and not your congressional page.

Sedition, sedition, sedition.

This day will forever mark the shame of Republicans & their insurrection! You cannot reframe it into something else!

The fact that you refer to it as an unfortunate event is telling. You clearly aren’t interested in accountability, since the “unfortunate event” in question wouldn’t have happened if one person had just accepted reality. You dishonor Capitol Hill police who were injured and/or died from the insurrection that day by minimizing what actually occurred. Shameful.

Says the person who buys into and promotes the BIG LIE and voted against the will of the voters twice Immediately after OUR Capitol was attacked and police and people were hurt and died. You should not serve in elected office. Country over your “It’s All About Vicky” propaganda. #jan6insurrection

Oh Vicky. What’s your end game??

Take some selfies in their living conditions.

She won’t.

One of the major issues facing the United States is the division caused by the Republican party, promoting trump’s big lie. Most of the problems could be addressed rationally and reasonably, but for republican obstructionism. You continue to harp on Democrats’ inability to address national problems, but your party takes no positive action. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. What ever happened to the party of Eisenhower?

It dissolved over 40 years ago.

Vicky you are a joke. Where were you Jan 6 2020? In your bullet proof underwear knowing the coup was happening? You havent helped the Jan 6 committee and if you are a loyal citizen of US sworn to protect the constitution why are you still kissing Trump? What does Trump have over you?

Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].



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