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Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

Late last night:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
The need to ensure election integrity has not changed because protestors, many of whom supported President Trump, stormed the Capitol today.

I object to the certification of electors chosen from states that blatantly violated their own election laws:
Hartzler Statement on House Certification of 2020 Election Results
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) issued the following statement as Congress undergoes the Constitutional process of certifying the 2020 presidential election results: [….]

12:00 AM · Jan 7, 2021

Bull shit. Don’t try to gaslight us or minimize what happened. You’re complicit.

“…protestors…” Terrorists. Call them what they are.

“…many of whom supported President Trump…” Only two things can be true with this statement. You’re that stupid and you think everyone else is.

Some of the responses:

There was a terrorist attack at your workplace today.

And when asked to choose a side, you chose the terrorists.

Blatant violation of their laws? Seems like a lawsuit shall be in order. Oh wait, there were and nothing substantiated.

Resign. You are actively supporting domestic terrorism. The election procedures are the purview of each individual state. If you have serious concerns there was ample time to address them prior to 11/3. You. Know. This.

If you feel this way you should immediately resign and allow a real American to take your place.

Then why did Republicans vote against numerous legislative acts designed to ensure the safety of our election process?

Congrats on your first attenoted coup. What color are you going to wear to the next one?

I wonder how long it’s going to take you to realize that the blood on your hands doesn’t wash off too well.

“Out, out damn spot”.

From your constituent…GFY!

You’ll be remembered for this…and not in a good way.

I mean WTF.

Terrorist are not protestors. Get your facts straight and call them what they are.

Well, she’s joined them, so…

Apparently you no longer champion states’ rights.

Resign or be expelled.

Between you and Hawley I think Missouri is in trouble. Resign.

Sedition by any other name.

You’re challenging a fair election. Georgia gives me hope that we can one day vote out reps like you here in Missouri.


I am embarrassed you represent me.


Your actions will be remembered.




So you don’t see that the thing that has changed is that it is CLEARLY NOT CREDIBLE that most people would vote for this psychopath-in-chief with a complete absence of judgment, who would turn an angry mob on his own Congress?!? Really??? Like — you just cool with that?!?


Ummmm, those weren’t protestors.


And which states are those? I’ll answer that for you- none. All revisions to election laws were made legitimately and prior to when ballots went out.

You helped cause this!


Straight up sedition.


You backed the lies by giving this air. As a swing voter constituent, I’ll be actively seeking and supporting a primary opponent & voting for anyone who backs reality & isn’t afraid to use facts and stand up to a misled crowd. You had & squandered leadership opportunities.

You are an appalling American for allowing untruths *that you know are untruths* to go unchecked.

How do we know they were untruths? The courts soundly rejected all claims incl R-appointed judges, a legitimate process you undermined. How do societies fall? By institutions disrespecting & rejecting institutions & their norms. Apparently you’ve ignored history in that regard.

You’re dangerous to the republic by refusing to back court decisions & tell the misled the truth. I worked closely in the process in Jeff for several years & as a result value our American processes deeply. You’ve spurned the processes which carefully protect our republic.

Your lies led to these actions.

You don’t represent people. You represent tyranny. Nobody’s fooled.


“Many of whom?” GMAFB.


You’re a disgrace.

Eat shit

So how’s your coup going so far?

“Many of whom”.—-I see you’re trying to jump on the bandwagon of it was really people pretending to be trump supportsrs who did this.

The election integrity was checked and confirmed at the state level already. but you know this

Sore loser fascist. I am absolutely sure that if you were in the Reichstag in Germany in 1933, you would have supported Hitler. Enjoy the emptiness of your impotent theatre.

The courts decided those issues. You are just in Trump’s cult of lies

A lying liar. They did not violate their laws. You’re trying to violate their laws. Are you conspiring with the mob to make the vote last as long as possible in case they’re planning something else?

‘Many of whom supported Trump’? They are 100% MAGA. The Constitution is very clear that states control their own elections. Luckily nobody cares what you think.

You’re disgusting and an embarrassment

Traitor. You’re partly responsible for 4 deaths today.

Put a cork in it, puppet.

You are spreading dangerous lies that are inciting and abetting the insurrectionists. Traitor.

No, the need to tell the truth changed when the Trump mob staged a coup, and your cowardly ass is complicit, traitor

Resign you hypocritical fascist

Many of whom? You brought this on. You are responsible for this.

Sedition weasel. Resign.

You are part of the problem, perpetuating outright, incindiary lies and propoganda to the very people you’ve been elected to honestly inform, all to appease one selfish psychotic’s ego. You are complicit, just as he is.

Glad to see you’ve learned nothing from this violence and continue to traffic in insane conspiracy theories.


You’re not fooling anybody. This has zero to do with election security and everything to do with who lost.

Got it. You support American terrorism.

Please, and I say this with manners, kindly go fuck yourself

You are a fraud. Resign your seat.

You are standing on a tall mountain of bullshit right now.

Continuing to push these bad faith arguments based on nothing will only incite further violence. Blood is already on your hands, why do you want more?

“many of whom”. You’re despicable.

ALL OF WHOM supported Trump, you vacuous, traitorous dolt.

Someone who storms the Capitol isn’t a protester. They are domestic terrorists. And you are doing their bidding tonight, despite election officials verifying elections were free and fair, and courts upholding the validity of the votes. Shameful for you to aid their coup.

You ma’am are a traitor who violated your oath of office

You have no grounds for defending the disenfranchisement of American voters

You are a disgrace to the people of Missouri

Just shut up and go away you awful, deplorable fraud

You support terrorism, Resign now.

Your claims have no evidence. There’s a word for that: insanity.

Oh bullshit. You need to resign immediately.

Traitor. Terrorist. Why do you hate America? Where were you radicalized?

You did this, you are responsible and complicit and yet you persist in spreading the lies and propaganda. There’s a death toll now, and you own it.

You’re a disgusting, morally bankrupt, unAmerican traitor and enemy of our nation, and when the dust settles you’ll be treated as such.

Wait. You think some of those folks DONT support Donald Trump?

There’s more.

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].



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