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What a waste.

“…The State of Texas’s motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution. Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot…”

Amicus this (December 11, 2020)

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

On Vicky Hartzler’s (r) Facebook page, posted before the U.S. Supreme Court order:

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler
December 10 at 8:05 PM ·

I joined my colleagues in the House along with Missouri’s Attorney General in signing an amicus brief in support of Texas vs. the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the State of Georgia, the State of Michigan and the State of Wisconsin.

This case asks the Supreme Court to provide an objective view of electoral anomalies in these states and ensures that the Constitution has been followed and the rules of law maintained throughout our election process.

The necessity of this request is derived from concerns that these states failed to adhere to their own election laws, usurping power from their state legislatures to change voting procedures which have led to an unprecedented number of serious allegations of voter fraud and irregularities.

This brief does not make any specific ask to overturn election results but instead seeks a legal, Constitutional review of the election practices in these states. It is important that the integrity of our election system is preserved, and an objective review of these anomalies will help ensure voter confidence for future elections.

Late last night the United States Supreme Court (including three Trump appointees, by the way) did the judicial equivalent of laughing this right wingnut bullshit spin out of court.

Some of the Facebook comments:

You are a spineless coward. The people voted and elected Joe Biden.

You don’t get to sue other STATES because you don’t “LIKE” the outcomes of their elections – it’s a NUN-YA. There is NO EVIDENCE to support this anti-democratic un-Constitutional sedition. You have repudiated democracy.

It’s time for Vicky to stop playing games. She just wanted her name on this to keep her trumpet voters. She knew this wasn’t going anywhere. Tricky Vicky

Trump lost. Just stop it and support democracy.

What a waste of time and resources. You should be ashamed of helping Trump change the results of a legitimate election.

Your support of this ridiculous suit only serves to make our country that you claim to represent appear weak and disjointed. The USA is not some third world country. This is embarrassing and I am very glad I did not vote for you.

Another shameful stunt takes the place of actual substance. It is frustrating to have a do-nothing representative in a gerrymandered district.

Shame on you Vicky! I don’t think I’d be bragging about it. It’s a sad day in our country when our votes count for nothing.

Why only review election law in swing states that Trump lost? That makes it seem like every signer is less concerned about election integrity and more concerned about stroking the ego of a single man who is about to have no power in this country (assuming that those in our government who are opposed to the will of the people don’t get their way).

Well…let’s then overturn all the GOP House and Senate members elected also since they were on the same ballot.


What a sham. Shame on you for trying to change the will of the voters. There were zero abnormalities. Voting by mail was safe and effective in lieu of the pandemic. Get over it losers

Thank you! I am so glad to see all these states join in the fight with Texas. I am proud that Missouri is one of them. Ted Cruz is such a strong leader in congress. We need many more strong leaders like this man to fight against socialism taking over our free country. They wish to rob us of our freedoms, and the prosperity we have developed under the skillful leadership of our President Donald Trump!

Drinks the national brand dry packaged artificially colored sugar which is mixed with water.

Your preferred candidate not winning does not constitute an ‘anomaly.’ You are seeking to disenfranchise millions of Americans and erode our democracy. I am sure this sham lawsuit will fail, but the damage is done – you’ve now shown that you do not care about our country, its people, or our constitution. You have zero regard for democracy and should be ashamed. Missourians deserve so much better.

The law suit is an embarrassment, Biden won you are being unpatriotic.

Supporting frivolous lawsuits is a bad look, Congresswoman.

Beverage drinker:

Thank you Vicky, we need more people both in Congress and the Senate that are willing to take a stand, on this stolen election. I have spent many hours listening to the testimonies of a multitude of witnesses at hearings broadcast from all of the swing states. Sadly, the overwhelming central message of all of the testimonies is that election fraud and voter fraud are epidemics.

Sworn testimony, on penalty of perjury? If it ain’t got that oath then it don’t mean a thing.

SHAME on you! That is TREASON! There has been no proof of any fraud that could have changed the election results. Just because you don’t like the outcome, you want to tear this country apart. That is NOT what you were elected to do. I have never voted for you and I will never vote for you. You are an embarrassment to the State of Missouri.

It’s mind-boggling that there were apparently no anomalies in states that Trump won. Hmmmmm.

Active registered voters in Utah automatically receive a ballot in the mail.

Wasting your time and my money on this nonsense. Wake up and get a backbone! Get some help for the millions who are suffering.

Not gonna happen.

Beverage drinker:

Thank you Vicky! Pretty sad most fools on here did not read your post. Most also do not know our country is a constitutional Republic.

Apparently the U.S. Supreme Court consists of sad fools.

You continue to be an embarrassment to the state of Missouri.

Missouri had mail in voting. So are you saying Missouri should have theirs overturned as well? Or is just certain swing states?

Utah. Don’t forget Utah.

You support a man who is enriching himself by conning his supporters into believing something that is not true.

Grifters gotta grift.

What about checking for irregularities in states Trump won? This is a waste of time and money. You should be trying to help Americans during this pandemic.

A precedent for states involving themselves in the way other states operate themselves?!? AWESOME! So when California sues Missouri, Texas, and Kansas for draconian environmental practices, we’ll be okay with that?

Unbelievable! How can you question our democracy like this? Re-counts and verifications are one thing but to request the votes to be thrown out and rescind the election!! This is a direct slam against our democracy. Republicans have gone rogue for support of a wanna be dictator.
States interfering with other states votes and how they run their elections or electorates is loathsome. These Republicans have overstepped and this is purely a partisan attempt to overthrow the government.

You betray the will of the people and undermine democracy, Vicky. You are on the wrong side of history.

Vicky is proving yet again just how dumb she is and what a Trump lemming. Go home, Vicky! Don’t believe in states’ rights any more?????

Seriously we are in a state of emergency due to the Covid 19 pandemic which is killing 90 citizens per hour and you are bellyaching about states which were proactive in trying to protect their citizens. Said states legally changed their laws to make it easier to cast absentee ballots and potentially save lives. Missouri made changes too, are our votes invalid? Wow you and your fellow rabble-rousers are despicable. Glad there is a list for history to look back on and see who tried to abuse the judicial process. Shame on you.

Don’t drink the Kool-aid, Vicky, it always comes back to deal with you. Promise!

We prefer the phrase: national brand dry packaged artificially colored sugar which is mixed with water.

You peddle untruths. It is disgraceful. Period.

Pathetic and sad. You are unfit to lead. Resign.

You signed a worthless piece of paper…..as worthless as you.

Pick your conspiracy:

Thank you for doing the right thing. We need to get to the bottom of what happened so that it never happens again. We need congress to investigate the media and how they have shut down freedom of speech if you don’t agree with them. Eliminate section 230.

Well this aged well. I look forward to the time you leave office.


Of course you did. I remember when Republicans were for states rights, but that was before they bowed down before their idol Donald Trump.

They’re really into “family values,” too.

Punctuation is your friend:

Thank you for standing up for us Americans. That know democrats stole this election

Your endorsement of this is an embarrassment to all Patriots. This matter has been rejected by every Court it is been heard in. There is no evidence that has been presented in any Court. This heinous act on your part is truly despicable, as it is an attack on the very basis of our Democratic Republic, which is the people’s trust in elections. You’re ignoring Trump’s former head of election security, and contradicting his hand-picked attorney general Barr. You disgust me.

Ike is spinning in his grave. You are such a failure.

Why would you want another state to interfere with the votes of your fellow Missourians?
Because what you are backing may not affect my vote this time but you are setting a precedent that will allow it to take place in the future.
It appears that my voting for you was another mistake I made this year.
That is a mistake I will not repeat.

We’ll see.

You are ridiculous. I will be unfollowing you.
I am about to quit the Republican party. Libertarians are looking good.

Well, there is that legalization platform, so…

Your an idiot whos head is so far up Trumps backside you can’t see

Thank you, no, for that image.

That is TREASONOUS. Your actions in this matter should and will have consequences. Trying to overturn an election without a a shred of evidence. You should be ashamed.

Supreme Court just rejected this. LOSER again

You are a traitor to the principles of the United States . Why don’t you just come out and say you are against democracy?

Signing on to the Amicus brief pretty much took care of that second part.

You are attacking democracy! Shame on you!!!

How embarrassing that Missouri has joined this lawsuit. The election is over and there is no evidence of any fraud. The Republican Party is destroying itself by following Trump’s lies. After voting Republican my whole life including for you, I am done. I will not be voting Republican again.

We’ll see.

Only a review of states that the Republican candidate lost? How convenient.

Nice stunt, now get to work doing something to help your constituents eat, pay their rent, and guard their health.

Not gonna happen.

You’re a disgrace to Missouri and to America. Not sure how you sleep at night.

Cluelessness helps a lot.

What a joke. How is this any of your concern?

9 to 0. What a fool you are.

I wish you had shown courage and NOT joined your colleagues. As Senator Romney said, this is madness. I am embarrassed that you support the President’s baseless claims that there is voter fraud for which he has no evidence. None.

There were no ‘anomalies’ –
NO evidence that states otherwise.
Even Barr says it’s over, Vicky – quit wasting our resources on this partisan nothingburger. You and your colleagues look like sore loser babies.
Work for the people – quit playing these divisive games and maybe you can gain the support of more than just the cult.
You’re the party of ‘states rights’ – so quit trying to babysit the others when you aren’t doing much for your own.

It’s a feature, not a bug.


If you support this you do not deserve to call yourself an American. Period.There was a time when trying to overturn a free and fair election was something that we would not tolerate from other countries.

Who died and made you god?:

So disappointed in the people with their replies. What has our country come to? I don’t believe some of you would be happy with anything! You are an embarrassment to Missouri! Unfollow her if you don’t like her! Such hatred. God be with all of you! Grow up!

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. There’s that.

This is a dangerous abuse or your position. You are undermining the government.

I fully support you in this. And just so you know, I have a friend who found out his parents voted for Biden. He’s so mad, he’s never visiting their grave-sites again!

Swear out an affadavit, I dare you.

Just another despicable, traitorous Republican right Vicky?! So how much or what favors did the grifter conman in the White House give you for your sedition? You and other pos’s like you, make me sick!

Well, the SCOTUS has unanimously rejected hearing the case. That attack on democracy did not last long. Isn’t Donald Trump tired of his version of winning yet. Every “Win” is like a nail in the coffin of his political grave.
You were very wrong Vicky, and you should stand up and acknowledge your error.

Not gonna happen.

This is an abuse of power and a complete waste of time and resources in the midst of a crisis killing three thousand people a day. You should be ridiculously ashamed of yourself for doing this.

Texas has no business trying to overrule the election result. It is we the people who vote, not state attorney general’s and courts. Biden won by 7 million votes. It’s over.

Beverage drinker:

Vicki is standing for voter integrity. Some of these comments are ridiculous. This election in swing states has been compromised completely. Are some of you listening to only the liberal lying media?

You are a fool Congresswoman. You doing the job of a sheep & a propagandist and a weak lying subservient. The people of Missouri are sick of tv mogul liars who simply blurt baseless phases, ridicule good working people, & manipulate the DUMB with his baseless threats and lies. You are OUR representative. He only lies to help him.
Let him go. Or be history’s fool!

This is ridiculous. You oppose those swing states only? What about the states where Trump won? Its not just a little presumptuous that a state would suggest another state took illegal ballots.

funny how the suit is aimed only at the states Trump lost. And only at the presidential results, not the results that favored the current regime down ballot in the very same election. Hmmm. Wonder why?


I am saddened and disheartened to not only see your participation in this sham, but also try to defend your actions.
Please explain how Texas, let alone MO, and the other States involved have a right to question other States voting rules? If MIssouri was being sued, would YOU be just as adamant in ensuring our results were the true voice of the people? Or would you seek to overturn the results just to keep Trump in office?
Your actions are worse than Trump’s, in that you are openly supporting the subversion of our Electoral process under the pretense of ensuring “honest” elections.
By the way, are you sure Texas AG Paxton isn’t trying to get himself a potential Pardon for his pending legal issues?

You are an embarrassment. Shameful behavior.

You take upon yourself to humiliate the state of Missouri to play a partisan stunt, a seditious ploy dressed up a “Constitutional review.” Nobody, anywhere is deceived. You and the rest of these clowns are trying disenfranchise millions of voters because Trump lost. YOU should resign, if you had any patriotism or loyalty to the Constitution you claim to protect.

Beverage drinker:

Proud to be from Mo. We all know what happened in this election, but liberals hate Trump for doing what he promised. The Deep State is very real and he’s shown what a threat he is to them. They will lose even more power and control, to convert this country to Socialism if he wins. That’s why they cheated. They knew conservatives who believe that our Republic should survive, as it was intended, would never vote for Biden.

Left out the black helicopters and the pizza parlor.

This entire thing is despicable and you should be ashamed to be part of it. This is nothing more than a publicity stunt and a thinly veiled attempt to disenfranchise millions of American voters. Shame on you Congresswoman!

Thank you for standing up for the rule of law as defined by our constitution!

The U.S. Supreme Court emphatically disagreed. Heh.

You are a total disgrace. You should resign immediately. Violation of your oath to uphold the Constitution is a crime. Your constituents-and all Americans – deserve far better than you.

Your allegiance to this imbecile continues to amaze me. You’re an embarrassment to the title of “Representative” and to Missourians.

Performance art?:

The election is over, can we all just keep politics off Facebook. Everyone has an opinion but I sure don’t need to see it on Facebook

You’ve no place in a democratic government. But then again, you don’t want that…

Bevarage drinker?:

Good job Vicky the snowflakes will melt away when Trump remains the President

Thank you! We all need to stand together and support our President Trump and our country against the treasonous Democrats and their corruption!

Too late.

The comments go on and on.


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