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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

This evening:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
After months of talking about bridging our political divides, House Democrats are now trying to silence dissenting opinions from Republicans.

This rule change is an outright assault on the rights of the minority and debilitates our ability to fully represent our constituents.
5:14 PM · Jan 4, 2021

Chutzpah. On so many levels.

The comments are, as always, priceless:

Look at you, one day in and #SlickVick over here with more lies looking to add more $$$ to the $2M pot she’s already made for herself at our expense.

You’re a seditionist, Vicky. A traitor to the nation. You will go down in history as the worst of the worst. Congratulations.

No worries. I try to be nice to the deranged and delusional.

Just wait until you find out what Mitch McConnell has been doing for years.

Oh, she knows.

Ahh we care about the cost of things now


Boo hoo cry about it

You don’t speak for your constituents when you rely on gerrymandering and voter suppression to win your seats.

Considering that the only constituent that Hartzler represents is herself, I can’t say that I’m especially concerned.

Boy, if you’re upset about dissenting opinions being made silent in the House, wait until you hear how many dissenting opinions you’re trying to silence in the absurd and reckless electoral college challenge you’ve signed onto.

You are the one fostering the divide by denying the legal election

I’m listening oh yeah not buying it

Sorry, Vicky, elections have consequences. I heard that somewhere once.

After years of Trump…. uh…. you deserve nothing.

You voted to throw out the results of a Presidential election. And you’re going to do it again on Wednesday.

You are a fucking traitor.

I’m sorry, you’re complaining about the Dems “maintain a grip on power” when you just supported an attempted coup by the loser of the Presidential election with fake charges of election fraud? Yeah, you gave up that right, when you tried to kill off our democracy.

Your boy is trying to overturn an election and openly breaking the law. STFU

You really are the worst kind of self-serving liar. Shame.

STFU, seditionist. Fake ass patriot.

You do nothing in Washington
You sit on B committees
You don’t pass laws
You are enslaved to your corporate donors
You benefit from the laws you vote for; and
You are a seditionist

Ike Skelton once held that seat
He delivered for Missouri
You deliver for #SlickVick

There’s that.

Sounds like a #snowflake statement.

Lol sure, Republicans are famously long suffering protectors of rules and norms. Don’t remember your outrage when your senate colleagues sharted out a supreme during the middle of a presidential election. Save your hysterics.


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