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Late last night:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
This is reckless, divisive, and an unconscionable questioning of our National Guard’s loyalty to America.

They deserve our respect and appreciation — not accusations.
9:15 PM · Jan 18, 2021

Some of the comments:

You should talk about division. You supported insurection, and if you had a conscience you’d resign before your expelled.

And @RepHartzler has done what about the bounty on troops?

@RepHartzler continues to support Trump despite domestic terrorism?

As an Army spouse (and a constituent of yours) I’m troubled by your refusal to see that some have been radicalized by Q conspiracies. I first heard about Q via an army spouse who had lost her husband down the conspiracy hole. Please don’t downplay the need for the conversation

I disagree. It’s better to be safe than sorry. There is evidence that there are some white supremacists in law enforcement. They should absolutely be questioning the guards given the recent attacks.

We’ve all got very good reason to be concerned about loyalty at the moment.
Plus you refused to certify the vote of the people. That’s a darker stain on the nation than a careful inspection of the troops after an insurrection.

I see you have received your talking points.

It’s all in the timing…

..and feigned outrage.

Then announce that the election was legitimate and you will support the new administration. You have stoked the flames of this mess.

Do you want us to not question anyone in the National Guard, but you’re fine with questioning the FBI? What you’re doing doesn’t make sense, Rep. Hartzler.

From an active duty law enforcement officer’s lips to your ears, Rep. Harztler. Stop denying facts. Doing so endangers us all. [….]

Your dismissal endanger us all. You must delete this tweet and follow up with accurate info, Rep. Hartzler. [….]

Sit down Vicky Sit down [….]

You are not doing a good job representing your constituents.

For ten years.

Seems prudent to me, but I still remember January 6, 2021 when insurrectionist included police officers, National Guardsmen, and retired military.

You must have been busy that day and weren’t paying attention.

Resign. Immediately.

There were National Guard members in the mob who wanted to kill VP Pence. What makes you think they were all caught?

Uh, did you not see Jan. 6? Also, you caused all of this. Don’t try to pretend that somehow you, or Trump supporters, are the victim. The president certainly doesn’t have loyalty to America. And neither do you. [….]

Uhmmm…some particated in an insurrection so…

Sadly, people like you have spread lies and conspiracy’s that have caused a number of Americans to mount an insurrection. We wouldn’t have to vet anyone if you would tell the truth to your constituents. Your embrace of lies make you culpable in the armed coup.

Former and Active military members and police officers were part of the group that stormed the Capitol a week ago.

The FBI is obligated to research credible threats.

You can respect the troops while vetting them.

Maybe you should get all the facts before you shoot your mouth off. [….]

Has that ever happened before? Just asking.

Stop with the conservative victimhood narrative. Vetting for insider threats is routinely done in the military. [….]

Is there no end to the babbling hypocrisy of Republicans? How about that insurrection? STFU

You spent weeks going along with the lie that the election was stolen and believers of your lie murdered a police officer. Dont talk about reckless

Maybe if there was not Trump supporting insurrectionist already arrested that are members of the Nat’l Guard and law enforcement, we would not be having to do this. They should be doing the same thing to the members of Congress and they can start with you.

Cold. That’s cold.

Steve Cohen?! The fried chicken fool?! His comments are not to be heeded.

Must be a Faux News Channel talking head. Am I correct?

Where is YOUR loyalty to America, Vicky? All we’ve seen from you is refusal to certify election results which aligned you with the insurrectionists. Oh and, bs Republican talking points. Party over country once again.

Just shut up for once.

Oh so you know more than the Generals too, huh?

#Resign #Traitor

There is something fundamentally wrong with you people. There were many former & current firemen, police, political office holders, etc just 10 days ago running amok in DC trying to murder the VP, and it’s the height of white arrogance to suggest there aren’t any there now.

Vicky you want to know what’s really divisive? Lying about election results so much that leads to our Capitol being stormed by some of the White supremacists in the military that we’ve been warning about for years.

There’s that.

Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

Will you be attending tomorrow, Vicky? If not, why not?


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