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Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

This morning:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
What was already a sobering process was heightened by the appalling lawlessness yesterday that desecrated our beautiful Capitol and threatened our lives. In the end we the Congress fulfilled our hollowed duty. We thoroughly debated objections to some state’s electors and voted.
11:19 AM · Jan 7, 2021

Ultimately, Joe Biden was certified as President-elect. I accept that and commit to working with him, Vice President Harris, and my colleagues to move America forward. I welcome President-elect’s pledge to work for all Americans and will hold him to it.

Unlike the current occupant.

There is much opportunity to find common ground and Americans are facing many challenges that need to be addressed. They deserve representatives who work together towards finding solutions. That is what I will do – not compromising principles, but finding areas of common ground.

Prove it. We’ve been waiting for over a decade.

Yesterday was a dark day in America but today is a new day and our country is still the beacon of hope, opportunity, and freedom in this world.

It will take decades to recover from the damage.

I am thankful to have the opportunity to represent the good people of Missouri’s 4th District and work for them to preserve America’s greatness.

Some of the responses:

You are a leader of domestic terrorists and rather than tell your mob they are wrong and to stand down—you have REFUSED now on three separate occasions since yesterday’s terrorist attack to affirm that the election was not stolen.

You invite more violence with these words.

Anything to keep those farm subsidies rolling in, huh?

That is an interesting way to phrase “I was on the side of sedition but it got out of hand and we lost so now let’s all move on and get along”

But if you’re willing to compromise and promote my loved ones right to marry and live their life as their true selves then let’s go

We will never forget that the false narrative of “a stolen election” drove yesterdays violence, that you amplified that falsehood and that you would have set aside the will of the people based on that narrative. 62 courts including SCOTUS deciding against it wasn’t enough for you

That “appalling lawlessness” you’re condemning was modeled very nicely by you and Matt Gaetz and friends when you stormed the SCIF to get into a hearing you weren’t supposed to be in (and called a press conference to make sure it made the news)

The lawlessness was incited by the GOP who lied about election irregularities in order to rile up their base. Those lies have consequences. An appropriate response would be to accept responsibility and promise not to participate in disinformation in the future.

Does Vicky really think that people will just forget that she took part in attempted coup if she tells her interns to ignore the phones for long enough?

Is that what that was? A thorough debate? Not some appalling passing on of lies and a near fistfight when called on it?

What did Jeff Van Drew call the inconvenient calling out of the lies? “Moral pomposity”?

It turns out the folks who prattle on about law and order and the Constitution like @RepHartzler don’t really care about law and order and the Constitution at all.

Why isn’t your office answering the phones?

Vicki’s party encouraged this treason

Hollowed duty sounds pretty damn accurate for today’s so-called conservatives!

“hollowed duty”. Oopsie, looks like you accidentally told the truth

You accept that? No you don’t. I watched the vote and you did not.

Hollowed duty, yes. Hallowed duty, not so much.

You are responsible for this.

You are complicit!

You and Hawley helped foment a failed coup, you both need removed from government and stripped of any power over other people.

I can’t imagine how terrified Rep. Hartzler felt as she watched many of her Trump freedom loving constituents she has lovingly embraced march by and desecrate the Capitol and even made her fear for her life. Don’t worry, she’ll be kissing their asses again tomorrow for votes.

You are absolutely right on this one Vicky! With your Seditionist Act, you further hollowed out our democracy. If you cared more about our Democracy than your subsidies, you would have done your Hallowed duty. #RESIGNHARTZLER

You should resign, never voted for you and never will

With all due respect, Vicky “the reasonable traitor” Hartzler, go to hell

I have supported you from the start. I live in your district and graduated with your husband. I will never vote for you ever again.

We won’t let you forget the traitorous support you have given Trump and his terrorist party. I once again affirm how embarrassing it is to have you as a representative, given how little you represent democracy.

You enable the riots with your lies. You should resign.

You should resign immediately!

What reason did you have to object to the electors from Pennsylvania? Did you have any evidence that there was something disingenuous about the votes? What was your argument in the debate?

You have played a role in the violence, Vicky. You should stop lying to your constituents about the election. Trump didn’t lose the election because it was fraudulent, he lost the election overwhelmingly because he’s a poor leader.

You and Hawley are despicable. Now by seeding the insurrection by promoting outright lies you have blood on your hands. You can’t pray it away. You can’t wordsmith it away. This will follow you the rest of your days on earth.

Embarrassed that you and other Missouri representatives and Senator Hawley supported overturning a fair election and encouraging these lawless people. Shame on you.

Now that your attempt to overthrow democracy has failed & Democrats control the WH, Senate & House… NOW you’re ready to talk about working together?? […]

#SeditionCaucus Never forget.

You lied about our elections and those lies incited an insurrection.

You need to resign.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].


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