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Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].


Attorney General Eric Schmitt @AGEricSchmitt
ICYMI: We’ve received more than 7,500 emails from concerned parents. We’ve sent 52 cease and desist letters to school districts. We will continue to fight these mask mandates and quarantine orders and enforce the law.
3:53 PM · Dec 17, 2021

We can’t wait to read them all. We have an idea.

Some of the responses:

Don’t be fooled by the zealot. #MaskUpMO #COVID19

How many emails did you receive telling you to stop trying to endanger our children

We’ve been wondering about that, too.

Not the law. You are misinterpreting a ruling and endangering kids.

He doesn’t care.

Yes, bc that’s not a feckless waste of your time & state resources. Ensuring child, teachers, staff are open & ready to get sick.

Concerned of what exactly?

ICYMI: you’re a lunatic

Thank you for protecting our freedoms. For those individuals still afraid of the virus, they can continue to mask up, vaccinate, social distance, or whatever other measures they choose fit. For the majority that aren’t afraid, business as usual!

The postman always rings twice.


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