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You were expecting anything else?

Yesterday afternoon:

Rep. Sam Graves @RepSamGraves
Vaccines work. Vaccine mandates are wrong.

You shouldn’t be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine to work, travel, or live in this country.

It ought to be a personal decision.
3:00 PM · Dec 16, 2021

Know-nothing anti-science asshole.

Some of the responses:

Why haven’t you introduced legislation preventing the military requiring vaccinations?

I have been to six events in the KCMO area where showing a vaccination card was mandatory. It made me feel safer.

If people don’t want to get vaccinated, they didn’t have to attend.

What happens when your personal decision gives me covid

Rep Sam Graves forecast is cloudy with 5 more years of covid

But, freedumb!

I disagree. People who choose to be unvaccinated pose a public health threat; and specifically direct threats to the health of my 86-year old mom, an immune-compromised sister and anothet sister who is a front-line worker plus a greater threat for mutating variants.

We are all required to have all kinds of vaccines in order to go to school. Are you against those as well? Because I’ve never heard you complain until this particular vaccine.

Or, donor money is way more important than constituent health.

Soooo wrong, Rep! Everyone is MANDATED to have vaccines for school! Where have you been all your life?

He’s a republican. We rest our case.

You are wrong and not following the science.

He’s a republican. He doesn’t care.

800,000 dead American citizens makes it a patriotic responsibility. Stop spreading your amoral attitude about the vaccine.

He’s a republican. He doesn’t care.

Again, Sam. More than 800,000 dead of Covid. Numbers are on the rise again. Stop being a damn Republican and encourage testing, vaccines, and masks. You are irresponsible.

He’s a republican. He doesn’t care.

Are you gonna have to be shown why you’re a fool? Typical.

He’s a republican. He doesn’t care.

What if 30% of the US had decided never to get the polio vaccine?

He’s a republican. He doesn’t care.

What about measles, polio, TB, you are a covid idiot! #VaccinesWork #VaccineMandates #GOPDeathCult

He’s a republican. He doesn’t care.