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Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].

This morning:

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
[….] Breaking: Congrats to the citizens of Jackson County Missouri! I appreciate the Jackson County legislature heeding my warning and following the law by rejecting an illegal mask mandate today. We The People are fighting back. Freedom is winning. #NoMaskMandates
11:17 AM · Dec 13, 2021

What an asshole.

Some of the responses:

Freedom to lower the Republican voter count in Missouri by encouraging the spread of Covid is an interesting campaign stance.

I am confused yet again by you. Do you believe in local entities setting laws for their citizens or your powerful arm determining what people can and cant do? I thought you stood for local choices. Oh wait, not if they don’t agree with your wants.

Wait. #freedom = siding with #Covid = being a #Bully while using #Missouri taxpayer dollars?

Who knew that a piece of fabric on the face would be such a huge deal…it’s like you want ppl to get sick…do you personally go maskless? Have you personally gotten vaccinated? If so, your telling ppl not too? Seems hypocritical to me

Wearing a mask or not does not constitute freedom. Y’all want to be victims so bad. Luckily most people and retailers in Jackson County still mask up.

How much did you sell your soul for Eric?

Covid is winning.

“heeding your warning” not exactly the verbiage we would expect a professional state official to make. Sounds a lot like a “threat” made by a “bully” was taken. You don’t run the state Eric and the sooner you learn that the better off we will all be.

“heeding my warning”

This guy is just a bully.

2 week MO Covid count up almost 100%. Are you deaf and dumb or just dumb.

How are we 2 years in and folks don’t understand how masks work? Y’all are so willfully ignorant you’ll kill your kids teacher. Disgusting.


You literally have no constitutional authority in this situation, so all of this is shameless grandstanding for ignorant people who don’t know any better. You, however, do know better. It’s embarrassing the office you hold.

Sick and tired of you imposing your political views over our health! So sad that most Republicans could care less about people and only concerned with their personal elections.

You are fighting to make sure more people get sick and die. Masks have been scientifically proven to reduce virus spread. Your policies are anti-science, pro-virus and pro-death. You should be ashamed of yourself.

You are an embarrassment. Not sure of your motives, but declaring sound public health measures that prevent Covid spread illegal is causing harm and risking lives.

No, COVID is winning, dipshit.


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