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This morning from Roy Temple (D), via Facebook:

Roy Temple


As some of you may have seen, Governor Eric Greitens has chosen to attack me via his attorney and suggest that I am somehow responsible for the predicament he currently finds himself in. Those are the actions of a pitiful man. As I said on Twitter last night, if he is looking for the source of his problems, he should start with a mirror.

He has made his choices and must now live with the consequences of those choices – all of them. He doesn’t get to pick and choose.

For his benefit, I hope that his attorneys are better lawyers than they are political analysts. If the information about the Governor’s infidelities was going to be used for maximum political impact, the time to use it would have been before the 2016 election. I had all of the information to do so then but didn’t. So there would have been no reason for me to choose to do so now.

I was aware of all that has come out to this point about the Governor (and more) prior to the election, but I knew that information because I had made a commitment to someone that if they told me the details I would not make them public without their permission. They didn’t grant that permission, so I didn’t go any further with it.
With that said, the basic fact of a Greitens affair was fairly widely known. This story is coming to light because of a welcome shift in the terms of how these matters are being discussed publicly, not because of me or the fact that I happen to be a Democrat.

Governor Greitens’ actions devastated the lives of real people and families. They deserved better than the treatment they have received from him.

Some may question the choices I have made in this matter. I can only say that I have tried to make the best choice available to me at the time that I was making it. I don’t believe the same can be said for the Governor.
As I mentioned on Twitter last night, I once asked Governor Carnahan how he tolerated some of the harsh criticism he received. He matter of factly said, “I don’t respect them enough to let their opinion bother me.” That perfectly captures my view of Greitens’ attacks on me.

I will wear the disdain of a man I hold in such low regard as a badge of honor. And I will wear it proudly.


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