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Plenty of folks have already pointed out that President Racist Moron’s labeling of poor countries populated with mostly brown people as “sh**thole countries” only serves to undeniably confirm the racism he has never really troubled to hide. But there’s more than just the racism that we all already knew about at play here. There’s rank stupidity as well. And I don’t just mean the type of stupidity that allows Trump blurt out any ugly, id-driven morsel of thought that manages to make it to his forebrain and out his mouth – we’re used to that as well. There’s the follow-up to the “sh**hole” statement wherein the President asks why we don’t bring in immigrants from Norway instead. Yeah! As if.

Evidently no one told him Norwegians have got lots more going for them than being white (and there’s no doubt that the Racist-in-Chief thinks that’s the big thing). As Paul Thornton notes in the Los Angeles Times:

Trump reportedly wanted to know why Norway doesn’t send more of its people to the United States, evidently unaware that his (accurate) opinion of that country as better than a dump pretty much answers the question he asked: The Scandinavian social democracy, as its two linguistically similar neighbors do, has a higher per-capita GDP, life expectancy and, for what it’s worth, “happiness” rating than the United States. It also has universal healthcare, a ridiculously large sovereign wealth fund and top-notch infrastructure.

Actually, there are plenty of Americans who might like to think about immigrating to one or the other of the Scandinavian countries as Trump and his GOP enablers continue their effort to disassemble decades of social progress in this country. As Thornton observes, “in fact, the Norwegian Americans I know often share stories of Googling citizenship requirements — hoping there’s some kind of loophole for the grandchildren or even great-grandchildren of emigrants — when they return to the States after a visit to the Old Country.”

After spending some time in Sweden in the eighties, I had much the same response. And times were better here then than now under the demonstrably non compos mentis Trump and the Koch/crony controlled GOP Congress. (And, no, Muslim immigrants are not inciting the type of wholesale chaos in Scandinavia that has been claimed by Trump and the Breitbart crowd.)

Trump wants Norwegians in the U.S.? Try taking back his tax cut for the rich, increase minimum wage, institute a single-payer healthcare system, invest “bigly” in infrastructure and education, restore regulations that protect the environment, road safety, public lands – and while he’s at it, he could throw out the various crooks and corporate shills he’s installed in his cabinet and put in charge of agencies that are supposed to work for the public welfare, not the corporate donors who are rewriting the rules to benefit themselves.

Maybe he could import some Norwegians to help the process along. They, after all, know how it’s done.