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Eric Greitens (r) [2016 file photo].

Early this morning, from Governor Eric Greitens (r), via Twitter:

Eric Greitens‏ @EricGreitens
I wanted to share with you some statements that are important in light of news you may have seen tonight.
1:44 AM – 11 Jan 2018

And he did.

Some of the responses:

Why is your statement longer than “I’m a hypocrite, and I resign.” ?

Nope. Resign. Not gonna work. We WILL keep the pressure up until you exit. Hopefully sooner than later.

Spin! Spin!! Spin!! Nice try Eric.

Just resign.


Do you think maniacally shooting a machine gun into a lake will help?

As a conservative, I ask of you: Have you voted in favor of cheaters and liars, or have you voted for conservatives? Either way, you are unfit for office. You are a hypocrite and untrustworthy. You should find another job.


Please submit your resignation rather than dragging your family and this great state through this.

Resign asap please

To campaign on family values while hiding this is beyond disgraceful. You need to resign, Governor.

Resign. #greitensresign





Your “God” has nothing to do with your morals. Thanks for sharing as now I think of you as an even more selfish person. Missouri can and should do better.

You may step down. Do it for the good of your constituents. You have the right to work doing something else.

So the whole “Sanctity of Marriage” and “Party of Family Values” thing…. You must be proud. 50 Shades of Greitens

@EricGreitens Resign

The evidence being presented is pretty creepy on your part. You should probably resign before you have to answer for more of this as it comes out.

The only thing important is you are evil and a fraud! RESIGN! Family values, what a fraud!

Time for the Governor to step down.

Just continue doing the great job you are doing as our Governor. The past is the place from where you begin…..not where you end

Must not have heard last night’s “State of the State” address.

#timesup byeeeee

After reading your books, I was excited to hear you were getting into politics. You are so disappointing.

I wish you would have shared this over the text messaging app rather than twitter.


stop using the word “mistake” when what you did was clearly something you chose to do.

Make a statement of your own, since you are the one responsible for needing there to be a statement – if you dare.

Unfortunately this deeply personal mistake affects far greater than yourself and wife, and responsibility still looms. Also for a personal issue why are statements from everyone but you personally?

Resign, “family man”

There’s always forgiveness and mercy with Jesus, many vile Twitter trolls have none. Praying for your family. Don’t fight, stand still and trust God. He is a Shield and a buckler to all who trust in Him.


The party of family values strikes again.

Yeah you’re done. Get out, rebuild and see what you can do later. You’re done now. You’re still young. America is a place of second chances, but for now, you’re done.

You have shamed the office.

Resign immediately.

“There are a lot of people committed to the status quo,” he wrote on Facebook. “They’ve been willing to harass and intimidate anyone who stands up to them.”
YOUR words… does the status quo include being a liar? You fit right in. Perhaps you are just another #StableGenius ?


This #Kansan is pleased to not have the most disgusting governor in the Union anymore. @govsambrownback owes you a fruit basket or something.

The Mission Continues….

We see what they did there.

Hey Eric, “admitting” something after getting caught does not an admission make. Your statement is typical and impotent at best. Resign.


Missouri deserves better. #ResignGreitens

And on and on.


Oh, my. (January 11, 2018)

Oh, my – part 2 (January 11, 2018)