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Eric Greitens (r) [2016 file photo].

From a republican state senator:

Rob Schaaf‏ @robschaaf
Stick a fork in him.
10:15 PM – 10 Jan 2018

Well, yes:

Sarah Kendzior‏ @sarahkendzior
Any updates, Mr. Vice President?

Vice President Mike Pence @VP
Welcomed my good friend Governor @EricGreitens to the White House today. He is doing a great job for the people of Missouri.

7:02 AM – 11 Jan 2018

You think there’ll be more trips to Washington, D.C.? Just asking.

Citizen_Campbell‏ @campbell_elroy
50 shades of Greitens?
7:12 AM – 11 Jan 2018

That’s gonna leave a mark.


Oh, my. (January 11, 2018)