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We’re running out of our quickly accessible file photos of Eric Greitens (r) (without repeating one in the same day).

Digging in, via Facebook, from Governor Eric Greitens (r):

Eric Greitens

I wanted you to see this statement from Jim Bennett, our attorney, on a new false story that actually revealed the motivation behind these lies:
“We have been asked repeatedly by reputable news outlets why we believe this nearly three-year-old news story is coming out now. The latest reporting has finally disclosed that the reporting was being driven by a “source” who is the former Democrat state party chairman and who apparently has not spoken to the person in question. This goes a long way to explaining what is going on – this is a political hit piece.
This is and remains an almost three-year-old private matter with no matter of public interest at stake. Eric and Sheena have worked through those issues long ago and I think that Sheena put it best: “We have a loving marriage and an awesome family; anything beyond that is between us and God. I want the media and those who
wish to peddle gossip to stay away from me and my children.” Now we know who has been peddling that gossip.”

The republican cult of the victim. Oh, my.

Uh, it’s “Democratic”.

“…the person in question…”

Uh, he really went there.

“…an almost three-year-old…”

How quaint. How about “just over a year” or “close to a year and a half ago” or “right before assuming the office of governor over a year ago” [when the story was first given to his political opposition].

Some of the comments:

I have been hearing for years that the GOP is the party of family values. I Guess family values now includes having affairs. I am sorry Governor. You are a hypocrite.

Me thinks he doth protest too much. There is no reason any democrat would say anything since Greitens will most likely be a one term governor anyway. Sorry but it will be a cold day in hell before I ever believe a repuglicon again.

I believe her. You admit to part of it, just not the illegal part. Convenient for you. Why in the world would she lie about one thing and not the other? Republicans keep claiming “family values” but I don’t think they mean what they think they mean. Inconceivable!

It’s too late Greitens, you’ve already let your mask slip. The people have seen you for what you are now. You’re the guy who cheats on his wife while she’s pregnant. If you can’t even be committed enough to keep it in your pants, how can you be committed to the citizens of this state?

You can’t use your family as political props and ask for privacy. You don’t get it both ways. Choose the right way – resign, and let them have some peace and healing.

1. “We have been asked repeatedly by reputable news outlets why we believe this nearly three-year-old news story is coming out now. . . this is a political hit piece.” So . . . what would you have called it if it had been reported in the news immediately? 2. Why are you asking for our forgiveness? We’re smart enough to know that is a euphemism for “forget.” Sorry, pal.

Question: are you against same sex marriage because it’ll ruin the sanctity of marriage?

There are a lot of comments. The *IOKIYAR contingent is strong in numbers.

* it’s okay if you’re a republican


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