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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Senator Josh Hawley
[September 15, 2023]
Hawley Stands Up for Auto Workers, Protecting American Jobs

Some of the responses:

Oh BULLSH*T – you’ve advocated for “Right to Work for LESS” every time. Faker.

Hawley could care less about the Auto Workers….. His BS gets deeper everyday!!

We do need to support the auto workers, but Hee Hawley is not really for the worker. HE SUPPORTS HIMSELF. Election time is rolling around.

[….] He is absolutely, 100% ANTI-UNION, and will do exactly NOTHING for unions. He will sign legislation into law empowering corporations and cutting corporate taxes and do exactly NOTHING for union members. You don’t have to guess or imagine about this. He’s already done it.

Yet, Republican party is anti union…Union workers helped the Auto Industry when they were in trouble and yet when they make billions in their first quarter they can not share the wealth….while CEO make tens of millions hundreds times their median worker.

Trump is one of two presidents who left office with fewer jobs than when he entered.
“One was President Hoover and the other was Donald Hoover Trump,” Biden said. “My predecessor promised to be the greatest job president in history. Well, it didn’t really work out that way. He lost 2 million jobs in the course of his presidency.”

“Hawley’s authoritarianism is like a gargoyle lurking over the cathedral, ready to pounce.”
Mitt Romney

How torqued is Running Mouth Man about the BILLIONS in stock buybacks the Big 3 have executed recently, instead of plowing the money into their workers?
And does Hee of the Hawley agree with his Lord and Corpulence that in 3 years, American manufacturers will make zero EV cars, while China makes them all? What is FleetofFoot’s plan to prevent that?
More seriously delivered platitudes, perhaps?

The combined profits of the big three automakers in the US over the last seven years exceeds $250 billion this has nothing to do with climate change mandates old fist pump is just trying to convince you of that he is a fool but he said it so he must believe it I don’t think he’s nearly as brilliant as Mitt Romney and everybody makes him out to be vote him out next year

They’re not buying it.