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More performative bullshit.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


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Senator Josh Hawley
[August 29, 2023]
“Targeting Americans because of their ideas or political affiliations is always wrong and an abuse of the FBI’s power, but it’s especially alarming when it threatens the fundamental rights guaranteed in our Constitution, including the free exercise of religion.”

Some of the responses:

The FBI couldn’t care less about religion by itself. What they do care about is when it’s used to justify something illegal.

“Choices are the hinges of destiny.”
President Donald Trump left plenty of clues he’d try to burn the place down on his way out the door.
The clues spread over a lifetime of refusing to acknowledge defeat. They spanned a presidency marked by raw, angry rhetoric, puffed-up conspiracy theories and a kind of fellowship with “patriots” drawn from the seething ranks of right-wing extremists. The clues piled on at light speed when Trump lost the election and wouldn’t admit it.
Donald Trump is now facing 91 criminal charges across five indictments — a whopping total for the first ex-president to face criminal prosecution.
The massive number of charges stems from four criminal indictments filed against Trump this year by both state and federal authorities.
More than 1,100 people have already been charged for their actions around Jan. 6 and many are serving time.
Add in another couple of dozen that have been or will be charged and the number reaches 1200 and growing that are, or will serve prison time because of him.
Let’s not forget about the ones he gave pardons to.
If Donald Trump would have exercised a peaceful transfer of power and accepted his loss in 2020 and left with dignity and grace, he could have spent the last four years with his family, running his business, and playing golf.
If he had made this choice, Republicans might have had a better candidate with potential in 2024.

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check. Arraignment. Check.

Josh would like all his loyal constituents to know that he still fully supports the FBI targeting muslims, gays, communists, feminists, and anyone else they tell him to as long as they continue to vote for him.

“Not this time” – Trump Muslim ban protest at Kansas City International Airport – January 29, 2017

Thank You Josh Hawley, I’m glad to see you working for Missouri and America

Alt right is the THREAT for anyone practicing any religion in our country . your BS is fasicst and threatening….ALT right uses the word freedom to describe Freedom for the Few…Hawley has no shame like a Trumper , no conscience and is no Leader to for Rule of Law and Humanitarian understanding…NO SHAME is the approach…

You are a funny one…..seditionist!

Trump, other defendants to be arraigned next week in Georgia election interference case
All 19 defendants surrendered to authorities for processing last week.

Except when Josh us grandstanding in an election year.

Well, technically, the start of an election cycle.

thing is, he won’t ‘do anything’ because there is nothing to do. There is no ‘there’ there. This is just the right wing effort to destroy our nation and the rule of law. All the republicans are doing, now and forever it seems, is work overtime to keep trump from being held accountable. They know he is guilty. They know it. And they are ALL betting on him actually being held accountable and going to prison. And the reason they won’t say that and keep this kind of dangerous crap going is simply because they each and every one wants to scoop up that MAGA base when he DOES go to jail. These ‘whistle blowers’ he is referring to are a bunch of clowns and spies. Yes, LITERAL spies! Let’s see. there was the ‘whistle blower’ who disappeared cause he was LITERALLY a chinese spy under investigation for smuggling Iran oil to Russia. (you simply can’t make this sh*t up) Then there was the ‘whistleblower’ who turned out to be a Russian Oligarch working for Putin to destroy our country (with republicans help of course) who told provable lies. Then there were the two ‘whistleblowers’ who testified to all these ‘horrible bad’ things they saw before they were fired for mishandling top secret documents, and on cross examination admitted to be complaining about stuff that happened DURING TRUMPS ADMINISTRATION. Yeah, they were LITERALLY ‘snitching’ on the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION. Oh, and let’s not forget the ‘Whistleblower’ who was Hunter’s business partner who testified that not once , during the whole time he knew Hunter did his dad and he EVER discuss business, nor did his dad ever do anything to help Hunter’s business. But, because the republicans know their fairly ignorant and uncurious base, all they needed to say, like Hawley here, was that ‘whistleblowers’ came forward, and the base laps it up. The base doesn’t care that the so called whistleblowers were foreign spies and deadbeats whose stories were very easily shot full of holes.

If public faith in the FBI or any other organization in our government, look back at all the suits, demanding letters and interviews in which your goal was to humiliate a member of that government. That seems to be you highest priority. The religion, be it catholic or Muslim, does not matter for the FBI, only the possibility of criminal acts that affect the country.

Resign insurrectionist!

Trump also permitted his family to take positions in government that blurred the lines when it came to their private interests. Unlike Hunter Biden, Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner both served on the White House staff, where they could shape policies of concern to overseas businesses.
Kushner was heavily involved in setting the administration’s approach to the Middle East and made multiple contacts in the region. After turning in his White House badge, Kushner started a private equity firm with $2 billion in funds from Saudi Arabia and hundreds of millions more from other Arab countries that stood to benefit from U.S. policies and have an interest in a possible second Trump administration.
“The Trump family foreign commercial entanglements were far more numerous, involving dozens of foreign business conflicts,” said Norman Eisen, a lawyer who led unsuccessful court challenges to the former president’s practice of taking foreign money while in office.
The entanglements “implicated those like Jared and Ivanka who were actually working in government, whereas Hunter never did,” Eisen added. “Indeed, Trump himself openly benefited, whereas there’s not a shred of evidence that Biden the elder ever did.”

On the other hand targeting insurrectionists and domestic terrorists is exactly what the FBI and DOJ should be doing. Stop your incessent whining.

Josh Hawley, a future president of the United States God bless you sir [….]

Future First Assistant Vice Deputy Director of the Former Senator’s Club.

That’s funny.


I thought you guys hated the constitution now?

it’s like ther Bible. It’s their favorite, but they haven’t read it cover to cover.

This lil kid is a dangerous phony … as a coward and one that spreads fear, tribalism and divisiveness; he’s perfect but this well educated idiot shouldn’t be in charge of anything … deserves to be behind bars

You’re an embarrassment to Missouri, can’t wait to vote you out!

Don’t target women with your religious beliefs. Don’t take away women’s rights to their bodily autonomy.
Cowardly insurrectionist.

“Girls Just Wanna Have FUNdamental Human Rights”

Pretty sure they are targeting people because they committed crimes you DA

the FBI is a corrupt garbage dump. Nothing more than a democrat KGB — it is time for a national Divorce,

Christopher Wray is a lifelong Republican, appointed by Trump.
Maybe that’s the problem?

the fact he is a corrupt swamp rat is the actual problem… protecting the Puppet Biden.

“corrupt swamp rat” …. “Puppet Biden”.
I’m sure your evidence will go as far in court as the Big Lie.

we have no Courts — just Democrat run Tribunals — Fake courts to go w our fake news fake borders fake female athletes…and fake puppet president.

I see. So we’ll look to you for the TRUTH! [….]
“Former President Donald Trump appointed Wray to be director, applauding his “impeccable credentials.” No Republicans, and only five Senate Democrats, opposed his confirmation. A former Justice Department official, Wray had been then-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s personal attorney during the Bridgegate fiasco. Over the years, Wray had donated tens of thousands of dollars to Republican lawmakers.”

Germany needed kangaroo courts too — Todays democrats = germany 1935

Every right wingnut accusation is actually a confession.