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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Senator Josh Hawley
[August 28, 2023]
Senator Hawley had the privilege of leading a constituent Q&A while hosting the annual Agriculture Advisory Council with the Missouri Farm Bureau—a tradition founded by Missouri’s great Kit Bond!

Not a town hall. Whoever posted this for Josh Hawley’s (r) social media page didn’t label it as such either.

Open. Public. Accessible by anyone. That would be an actual town hall.

There is much hilarity in the reponses:

Just waiting for all the haters who keep complaining that he never hosts town halls to come up with a new reason to vent their spleen.[….]

There you go.

that was 20 old, white people.

Well, let’s just say it was a narrow interpretation of his actual constituents.

It was at least twenty people, probably more and what does their age and race have to do with anything? Are you saying that the definition of a town hall has to include a minimum number of racially and chronologically diverse people for it to be official? [….]

The post doesn’t call it a town hall.

I’m saying a true town hall represents a district. Unless his district is nothing but white, old people, it’s not a town hall; it’s a carefully selected group of people that Hawley feels safe around.


His district is the entire state of Missouri. So in your definition of a town hall it means that the audience would have to be 62% white, 12% black, 18% Hispanic and 6% Asian then. That is representative of his district. Is that what you are saying? [….]
A town hall is any gathering where a politician meets with his constituents for a Q and A regardless of age, race, sex or any other group you want to divide us up into.

Your point is?

that wasn’t a town hall!

Right, so now it’s moving the goalpost time. A Q+A with your constituents in a room is a town hall. It just is.

that was pre planned group of like constituents! It was not a diverse group at all! Or can’t you see the difference.

What does diversity of skin color have to do with whether it’s a town hall or not? It doesn’t obviously.

I didn’t say anything about skin color! Reading comprehension is not your strong suit is it!

Telling, isn’t it?

Same shirt as the last one, must have all been on one day. You only show your face in Missouri when there is an election coming up. Shameful Senator.

Political consultants usually choose the shirt.

Joshie, how long are we going to see these pics of you spending one day at the MO state fair. You were there once so we only need 1 post about your activities.

I wonder how fast Josh is in cowboy boots?
He can run the 40 in 7.3 seconds in dress shoes.

MO is more diverse but you would not know it from your pictures

It was a meeting of the Missouri Farm Bureau. Are there a lot of racially diverse farmers in Missouri? [….]
Seriously, why does everything come down to race with you Leftists?

Uh, they didn’t say that. So, the meeting described is not representative of all Missourians, right?

DeSantis Hawley 2024

TweedleDumb and Tweedledumberer.

“Mostly, America’s elected representatives in the Republican Party are all Lindsey Grahams with some heroic exceptions. They are dishonest, hollow, faithless, brittle, needy and contemptible beyond any capacity of mine to describe.”

hopefully you take your medication

every day, from Canadian pharmacies where it costs me 80 percent less.

For the win.

The 3rd paragraph of the 14th amendment does not allow trump to run again When will this get applied to him?

I think it’s up to our Secretary of State. Ashcroft.
My money says Ashcroft will not do this. These MO republicans don’t care about the Constitution.

Does it? Who has been convicted of committing an insurrection or rebellion against the US gov’t? No one has and certainly not President Trump so how is it going to disqualify him exactly?

Hasn’t bothered to actually read the 14th Amendment.

Resign you pandering lying hack