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Still throwing shit against the wall.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

On Friday:

Senator Josh Hawley
[June 30, 2023]
Biden’s DOJ has systematically abused the rule of law to go after ordinary Americans—including parents and Catholics.

Some of the responses:

Utter bullsh*t. You screech paranoid nonsense like that idiot Joe McCarthy – and make about as much sense. [….]

He didn’t stand up on January 6th he ran like hell.

Will you be held accountable for $242k for open records violation?

There’s that.

I think that Hawley must look in the mirror and ask himself, “What have I done wrong?” and then accuse those he disagrees with of those transgressions. He learned well from Trump.

Please explain yourself:
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Missouri taxpayers to pay $242,000 for records violations under Josh Hawley.

It’s funny how the Republicans had no problem with the hands on way Trump ran his DOJ. Trump strate dictated any and every move by his DOJ but the Republicans had no issues at all.

Who would believe Hawley.

What ordinary citizens or parents? I need some evidence before I believe this crap you’re pushing.

Whatever. Then prove it in front of America with more than your accusations

Hahaha… The only one who should resign is you. Trying to be a part of the insurrection and than running for your life [….]

Run, Josh, run.

You don’t seem to be bothered by the crap that Trump has done.. revenge, no agenda. Not helping American people

Little weasel manufacturing crises and spreading divisive hate for his own self-promotion…. but, kept silent and enabled during the Trump abuses.

What a totally corrupt individual, who has nothing of value to offer the American people other than to spread Trump propaganda

You are so full of it

Well Josh, you should have been kicked out of congress. You are interpting Galand’s memo to suit your own needs and agenda. His memo address violence against school board members but of course you left that out. Why don’t you show proof of Biden’s crimes. You can’t because there is none.

Do you notice how the gop has no agenda for helping people, except spreading fear and hate..

Being a traitor and making claims about anything has no value.

No one has abused the rule of law more than Donald Trump. Wake up, Hawley.

Stopped running away yet Josh?

Projection much?

There’s much more.