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Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].

Yesterday, doing a happy dance on the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on student loan debt:

Eric Schmitt
[June 30, 2023]
Biden’s cynical ploy to cancel student loan debt was a slap in the face to those who chose not to take on debt or worked hard and saved to pay it off. It was also illegal.
Taxpayers won today. The rule of law won today
I’m proud to have led the fight

Some of the responses:

Richest most uneducated country in the western world. Why? Because gqp doesn’t believe an electorate should be well educated.
Thats why the fight free education and free thinking.

No. It gives some of the people who are struggling the most a bootstrap to pull themselves up with. You yourself used taxpayer money to sue the federal government and school systems during you short tenure as Missouri AG amd ,amy of those suits were illegal. That was a slap in the face of every Missourian who pays taxes. This is just propaganda for publicity.

Like you? The guy that had all his shit paid for by daddy?