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Numerous news sources are reporting that former president Donald Trump (r) will be indicted on Federal charges related to classified information in Miami, Florida on Tuesday.


Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…

The cult members are saying cult things.

Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].

Last night:

Mark Alford @RepMarkAlford
The political persecution and witch hunt continues for Donald Trump.

I guarantee that if he weren’t running for President this would NOT be happening.

They’re scared s***less that he is actually going to win and when he does, it’s game over. Everything gets exposed.
8:09 PM · Jun 8, 2023


Some of the responses:

Your guarantee ain’t worth s…!

We see what you did there.

You’ve always been a cheap suit, Mark.

You are a embarrassment.

But what about the crimes?

You are a disgrace to the #ShowMeState

You are embarrassing your constituents.

It would be happening because he is a lifelong criminal. Someone finally managed to nab him; someone he couldn’t bribe, coerce or manipulate.

Go ahead, claim he’s innocent.

Dude you should just be quiet. When you see what they have this will be embarrassing for you.

Actually, it’s called accountability.

cry harder treason lover.

You’re horrible. You’re an arrogant, mean, nasty little man. We loathed you as a morning Fox 4 anchor and you’re just as bad in Congress.

Keep crying.

You’re an even worse congressman than you were a news anchor. What an embarrassment to MO

This tweet alone is sufficient evidence that you are utterly unfit for office. Disgusting.

Leadership? Yikes

Are you tweeting this off Putin’s teleprompter?

“Make America Great Again” – in Russian.

This traitor has believed he was above the rule of law if you believe in the rule of law and believe in America this is a just day. It’s a sad day because he thought he could skirt the rule of law. NO ONE IS ABOVE the rule of law.

You can’t guarantee anything

They (democrats) have nothing to do with this. This is all on Trump, himself. He was given multiple chances to turn over those TS documents. Not only did he not do it, but he lied about having them.

It’s laughable that you’re lawmaker.

In a normal world, you’d have a sense of shame at spouting such nonsense.

No, not Mark Alford (r).

And him

So classified docs mean nothing to you?

Apparently not.

Ever heard of the Presidential Records Act? Ever heard of obstruction?

Apparently not.

I guarentee you it would be happening. He announced so early because he knew he was toast and was trying to shield himself. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

You’re embarrassing yourself.

I’ve watched you read a teleprompter for what feels like my whole life. Find some integrity.

A grand jury of his peers voted for the indictment. It’s not a witch hunt. He’s not a victim. He has confessed to doing it. Get a clue.

You’re a joke.


You seem to forget that this started well over a year ago when Trump decided to blow off the request to return all the missing documents. He did not so the FBI executed a search warrant. Then they were lied to. Trump is finally being held accountable.

Trump isn’t running for office, he’s running from accountability.

Sit down.

You’re pathetic

You are pathetic.

It’s your view that former presidents should steal classified documents, keep them at their homes unsecured, lie about having them and refuse to return them when asked? Really?

You didn’t say he’s innocent

Um…the investigation was underway before he declared his candidacy.

Sweetie, we know all of you feel compelled to follow the GOP script on this. But maybe think of Trump as a real person and not an untouchable king? Nobody is above the law. Let the courts do their job.

Shame on you!! He broke multiple laws and is now suffering the consequence for his bad actions. What exactly do you teach your kids? You should lie, cheat and steal and then whine when you get caught? Pathetic!

Nah. It’s the constant criming.

Being dumb doesn’t make it go away.

Of course this would be happening.

He decided to run for POTUS again in hopes they wouldn’t jail a sitting President.

No one is above the law. Especially a former or sitting President.

Among his indictments is ESPIONAGE, Mark.
E S P I O N A G E !
Take that seriously. FFS.

So you would vote for a violent serial lying sexual abusing insurrectionist traitor?

Please grow up and say the word “shitless.”

Trump is a career criminal.

He is not persecuted.

It took him 50+ years but he finally came up against an opponent he can’t bankrupt or bribe.

Justice is truth in action.

Weird how he hasn’t exposed anything except his own crimes. Why does he have to be elected again? How is that game over?

They have meds for delusions, skippy.

You should sit this one out. He stole classified documents, then refused to give them back. If you do this, they will arrest you to Mark. Don’t be stupid for once. No one is above the law.

You are embarrassing yourself. No one is above the law. He is being held accountable for his actions. He broke the law.

If you think *some* people are above the law, you have no business being in your position and should resign. Shame on you.

Wipe the cheeto dust from your face, take out the earwig and step away from the teleprompter you arrogant little excuse for a man. Its amazing how anyone thought you had morals and ethics.

The DOJ began their probe months before he announced his candidacy. Stop your false narrative. He thought announcing would save him. Do you support espionage?

He was indicted by a grand jury. Not by the Democrats. Not by the President. Not by the DOJ. Trump did this all to himself.

And here you are defending him. The party of “law and order” can’t even police themselves from keeping a criminal con man at the top of their ticket.

There are people in the news all the time going to jail for mishandling sensitive documents. Your guarantee doesn’t hold water Mark. This has nothing to do with his candidacy and everything to do with his criminality. Have some respect for yourself.


It’ll be Smithmas Eve in Miami on Monday (June 8, 2023)