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Three stars, maybe less.

This evening:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Manhood keeps going strong – and the libs are having crying fits. Order your copy here
5:57 PM · May 21, 2023

A few of the reviews:

A seditous conspiratorial chicken

Josh Hawley should be writing about his current life as a seditious conspirator supporting the insurrection against our electoral form of governmentand, making him an enemy of our democracy, not attempting to preach about manhood, a topic that is beyond his scope of understanding. Watch Josh Hawley running through the corridors of our Capital after encouraging the seditious terrorists who violently attacked that building on Jan. 6, 2021, brutally assaulting police officers and causing the death of one, breaking doors and windows, defecating in halls and offices, carrying a Confederate flag through the hallowed chambers, and explicitly threatening and seeking to hang elected politicians including Mike Pence, our Vice President at the time, and setting up a gallows outside the building. Mr. Hawley has no business preaching about manhood, religious ideology or societal values.
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Will put hair on your chest hair.

This book is so manly that it’s hard to hold. Strangely, as soon as I opened it up I started craving nuts. Beer nuts, truck nuts, lug nuts, every kind of nut except zagnuts. Almost right away it got easier to suppress my emotions and grunt. I starting eating Manwiches for lunch every day. By chapter 4 my chest hair was growing it’s own hair. Speaking of hair, reading this book made me throw out all my hair care products and start buying aftershave at Rite-Aid. Thanks to Josh Hawley’s ghostwriter I’ve been freed from trying to out-groom my ex-wife’s lawyer. He’s such a Beta. Why is he always at our house?
Anyway by the middle of this amazing book you’ll be so manly you won’t even need to read the rest, you’ll just KNOW what it says. Of course I’m no quitter so I’m still planning on finishing it. In my new larger truck I Flex-taped a small gunrack to my dash bored to hold this book open while I drive. I’m on my way to pick up a George Foreman grill right now. Read this boo
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Once again Josh Hawley demonstrates his unique brand of narcissism, opportunism, hubris, sexism, misogyny…and the list goes on. He is playing a substantial role in the continuing demise of the Republican Party, and of so-called Christian values.
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Life Altering Book!

A tree died for this. Sad.
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Ran Good

Josh don’t know much about manhood, but he sure run good.
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Come on

I don’t need a manhood lecture from the guy who’s claim to game is running like a girl from a crowd he just tried to act tough for
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Oh the Irony!

Next Up: Hawley’s book on quantum mechanics. This book is best compared to the adage “we teach what we need to learn most.”
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Methinks some wealthy fan must have bought a few truckloads to elevate Master Hawley’s book to such a status. Not his Dad, who gets nary a mention.
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Don’t waste your money. Pure drivel.
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Masculinity Sponge

Somehow – and I can’t explain it scientifically – this book actually removed testosterone from me, gradually at first, but then at an increased pace until I had to stop reading it. Once I put the book down – all my testosterone seemed to return, though, so all is well, I suppose.

My warning – be careful – the man and his words seem to come from a place where there is an actual masculinity black hole, a vortex, if you will, so lacking in manliness that will remove it from the reader.
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Don’t bother

Even for a free copy it is overpriced. Hawley’s sanctimonious instruction of how to beat the most dangerous risk to America—not being manly like him—would be sad if it wasn’t so comical. Arrogance isn’t pretty at the best of times; some times it’s just cringe-worthy.
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This book gave me Diphtheria

Can we rate negative stats? Two minutes in not only did I feel like less of a man by being told by a lesser man what being a man is all about. It made want to look up caves on Zillow where I could store my wife-beating clubs and deer carcuses as I return to the neanderthalic hunter-gatherer the Running Man thinks we should be. He should have to pay us for the medical bills we, as males, are going to have to pay when women universally kick our asses for listening to this fake misogynistic coward tell us who we should be.
Zero stars, would burn in the fire pit again.
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And, some of the responses to Josh Hawley’s (r) post:

No thanks. I only read 5 star books like the bible!

Run away and get a copy right now.

Sales are that bad eh?

We’re not crying, we’re just rolling our eyes.

Decided to explore a career in fiction, Josh?

I’m not having a crying fit. I’m just not going to buy it.

No one is giving it any thought. We don’t care.

Hard pass, Scooter…

That’s your marketing ploy?..buy my book to make the libs mad?

Easy marks.

Nobody wants this. Nobody. Not even as a gag gift, although I thought about it.

Oh please. Nobody cares.

Actually, liberals don’t care

Fleecing the Trumpers once again

Lots of laughter and ridicule. No crying that I can see.

It will be in the bargain bin next week.

Why do I care if you are selling books?

Josh Hawley’s primary motivation is to upset liberals.

that’s all he has to offer America.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].