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Lucas Kunce (D) [2023 file photo].

An ad from Lucas Kunce’s (D) U.S Senate campaign:

[A message from Jon Hamm, born and raised in Missouri.]


You’d hope that means courage.

Courage isn’t something you can give speeches
or write a book about.

It’s not sitting on the sidelines while others sacrifice,
or denying help to those who did.

It isn’t putting people down or trying to control them,
or using your own power for profit or ambition.

In Missouri, you can’t fake courage.

We’re the Show-Me State.

Courage is something you have to show us.

It shows in the working class people that pitch in
to help the family next door bankrupted by medical bills.

It shows in the Marine who signed up to honor
and serve the community that took care of him.

It shows when a Missourian stands up to the powerful.
When he fights to rebuild his state.

To empower people, to secure our future.

If you want to be told about manhood,
some guy wrote a book about it.

But if you want someone to show you courage,
send Lucas Kunce to the Senate.

Well, Josh (r)?

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].