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“…We with American ideals demand that our government shall be returned to the American people who founded it…” – February 20, 1939

Today, from Josh Hawley (r):

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
The Republican Party can be the party of Ukraine and globalists or the party of East Palestine and working Americans. Not both
9:22 AM · Feb 24, 2023

Some of the responses:

This is exactly why you’re unfit for your job. The two are not mutually exclusive. Oh, and the Christofascist dog whistle and treason too — but mostly this tweet.

Buddy one of your most visible members has spent the week laying out her vision for the country to split up.

Walking and chewing gum is hard, isn’t it, Josh?

A U.S. senator can champion the peaceful transfer of power or can raise a fist to a seditious anti-police mob. Not both.

I’m sure the GOP can walk and chew gum at the same time, Senator, even if you can’t.

The political leaders who gutted safety rules for trains carrying hazardous materials are the same political leaders doing Putin’s bidding in Ukraine. You don’t think we see you, running man?

Why do you think so poorly of America?

Wow. You really think the greatest nation on earth, with all our American exceptionalism can’t do two things at once? Like cheer on insurrectionists and then run from them on the same day?

Are you serious? Now, who exactly does this play to? If you are listening to this man please pay close attention to this con-man-style rhetoric and what he must think of you. #FlemFlamMan #CarpetBagPolitics

Fascist pigs are always serious.

That’s a crock, Josh. Just admit it, you want Putin to be Putin anywhere he pleases. Zelenskyy is the modern day Churchill.

This is absolutely the most asinine comment I’ve ever seen from you! If you are trying to incite & mislead, you are getting in the lane of @RepMTG and @Jim_Jordan. Do you want to go that low?!

Josh (r) considers that a feature, not a bug.

You’re from the party of traitors. Take a seat and stay there, or run, like you did on January 6.

It is astounding how little you believe in the capacity of our country to do great things. Our Greatest Generation understood that. You? You cower under its weight.

We can and should do both. You can’t have one without the other.

I’m pretty sure that, right now, it’s the party of “live the exact way I want you to live or I’ll try to slowly strip away your rights until you comply”.

You can be a coward or you can be brave, but you can’t be both – you’ve proven to be a coward, obviously (see video of you sprinting to safety on 1/6 after pumping your fists in solidarity with your insurrectionists).

The Republican Party can’t be the party of Ukraine and globalists or the party of East Palestine and working Americans because the Republican Party is the party of Putin and the party of oligarchs and fascism.

You’re an insurrectionist and a spineless coward. Sit back down.

Or the Republicans could just move to Moscow since they enjoy spending the 4th of July there.

Josh Hawley can either be a traitor or a traitor, or both.

Heh. We see what you did there.

The Party that reduced regulations so their donors made more money want to be the party of the people that got hurt by their action…

or you could just say the republican party and putin are one

“Россия” (Russia) – a variant of the Russian presidential flag.

Johs Hawley sure is acting like a Russian intelligence asset and propaganda shill…

Actually you’re the party of insurrectionists, traitors and immorality

We have always been both, Josh. You are just too disinterested in history to realize it. Do better, #Missouri.

Trump changed the rules that led to the train company avoiding upgrading its braking system. The GOP owns responsibility for the disaster. Deregulation is not good for the country. You also align with Putin, which is also against America. Not surprising for someone with 1/6/21.

You have no idea of America’s part in democracy and the world. Especially, democracy. You should be in jail for sedition.

That’s really sad that your party cannot handle paying attention to foreign policy and infrastructure at the same time. Though I suppose it’s to be expected since you typically fail to handle either one on their own.

Your party created the conditions that caused the mess in East Palestine. Your party has always put biz business over working Americans. That’s why Dems have always been the party of working Americans. So don’t try to con people.

You, however, can be both an insurrectionist AND a coward.

If the GOP can’t figure out how to support Ukraine’s fight for democracy/sovereignty, help our fellow citizens in Ohio & legislate stricter laws & oversight to the railroads so this kind of preventable tragedy doesn’t occur again, then step aside. This is literally your job.

See here’s the thing, in order to be in government for a country such as the US one needs to be able to balance work at home with Diplomacy over seas. This is why you can’t win the popular vote in the presidential election, you’re incapable of doing the job.

“globalist” Josh you and I both know what that’s coded to mean what kind of audience are you after?

Not both? Man. I wish we had elected people that could do more than one thing at a time.

Let’s fix that…
The Republican Party can be the party of Ukraine and globalists or the party of Putin. Not both

You are the party of running away

How do you live with yourself? You are ok with letting innocent people in Ukraine die in order to score political points. You are the worst of the worst.

Why not both-both are national priorities-defending democracy and helping those who face an environmental disaster because a corporation tried to cut corners to make money-Republicans do not care about anything but power!

Narrator: He means Jews

This is the very best tweet you’ve ever made. It’s really simple – take care of America first.


The Republican Party helped to roll back the safety regulations that would have prevented the derailment in East Palestine. So since all the @GOP keeps saying they stand with East Palestine I guess that means you will all be voting yes to put back in those safety regulations

Speak for yourself. I have empathy for the people of Ukraine. And want to help any country wanting Democracy.

According to #Ladderboy when Russia wants Alaska back… I guess we just give it to them.

Josh can be a cheerleader for the insurrectionists and a track star at the same time.

Thank you Sen. Hawley for playing into the hands of the Russian Federation

Why would you limit America’s potential? Oh yeah, you are driving a wedge to separate people.

Globalist. John Birch called. They want 1964 back.