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Yesterday, from Eric Burlison (r):

Rep. Eric Burlison @RepEricBurlison
I heard Vice President Harris likes using Venn diagrams to learn so I figured I’d make her one
1:42 PM · Feb 24, 2023

Some of the responses:

This is neither clever nor good photoshop, at least two people in your office said it was fine but what they meant was it’s not great but they don’t have a better idea for what you pitched to them.

I heard you comparing the canceling of Newsmax to the holocaust. You know what I haven’t heard from you? And actual plan to fix inflation or border issues.

Has Twitter turned our politicians to trash or have they always been trash?

They are completely unrelated. Just another dumb republican joke.

Stop tweeting shit and write a fucking bill

So where’s your bill undoing trump’s de-regulation of RR

#OhioTrainDisaster #ohiotrainderailment

I’m a MAGA House member, I scream 24/7 since Day 0 of the Biden admin claiming he a Commie that hates America and is responsible for Global Inflation and that Baby Jesus Trump whom used 3 branches of government to overthrow it is our Christ. LOL, y’all are some FREAKS.

Only completely brainwashed maga believe POTUS can cause global inflation

This liar is part of the problem

Here’s why republicans won’t call big oil price gouging, price gouging

Eric Burlison (r) [2016 file photo].