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Today at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

222341 02/23/2023 Missouri Agrees Jack Danforth 911 Tirrill Farms Road St Louis MO 63124 Dowd Bennett Attorney 2/23/2022 $10,291.00

C222341 02/23/2023 Missouri Agrees Cathi Brain 815 West 51st St Kansas City MO 64112 Not employed 2/23/2022 $9,000.00

$10,291.00? What’s with that?

From a conversation on social media:

Well, yeah, but they [the PAC] ain’t exactly “grassroots” at this point. They filed a “limited activity” report in January and then a single $10,000 contribution shows up. They claim to have raised $200,000 so far.

So their web site still doesn’t tell us much that’s useful – and they appear to have communications staff.

RSMo § 115.199 requires that the local election authority remove deceased registered voters from their rolls. If they’re not doing it locally, get a writ of mandamus.

I’m not convinced by their stated “solutions”/ask list to their perceived problems.

Uh, voters decide if candidates are “similar” or not. This PAC appears to be constituted to oppose ranked choice voting. All the other stuff is chaff.

School board elections as a model? Heh. The voter turnout for school board elections is an exemplar for grassroots democracy, right?

“In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then He made School Boards.” – Mark Twain (1897)


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