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This morning:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
No time to visit East Palestine, Ohio but plenty of time for this
10:09 AM · Feb 20, 2023

What an ass.

Some of the responses:

Do you see how efficiently MAGA uses the US supporting its allies in Europe and standing up to Putin as a wedge to campaign against Biden? Do you see how closely aligned trump and Putin’s interests are? And how they have been since putin illegally helped trump take power in 2016?

Will Trump be holding JD’s hand in East Palestine or vice versa?

Your party deregulated the rail industry, and declined the use of hazardous materials cars even after you saw the disaster in Canada where an entire town was burned to the ground. Dewine got federal assistance after delaying asking for it. All you do is lie.

They consider that a feature, not a bug.

ok insurrectionist

See you got the Republican memo.

When did you last live in Missouri?

Valdimir Putin approves of this tweet.

You are not a serious person.

So when will you be visiting East Palestine, Ohio, Josh? They’re waiting for you.

It’s a relatively short hop from Virginia.

Why aren’t you in Ohio Josh? Full of great photo opportunities.

He was.

Josh Hawley: No time to work, but plenty of time to tweet and do Fox News hits.

Says the senator that can’t find Missouri on a map.

All hail the King of the False Equivalency, Joshua the Fearful!

Why do you want Russia to win so badly, Josh?


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