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Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo}.

This morning, on word (obviously) that President Joe Biden (D) traveled to Ukraine:

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
If you want to understand why so many Americans are frustrated right now:

Biden is in Ukraine before Ohio.
8:46 AM · Feb 20, 2023

Herbert. Herbert. Herbert.

What a dick.

Some of the responses:

Americans are frustrated because people like you keep lying and misleading them.

Joe Biden is President of the United States, not Governor of Ohio.

Speaking of which, let’s check with the Governor of Ohio, shall we?

The reason why a majority of Americans are so frustrated that we have to listen to manipulative and inaccurate drivel like this from people like you.

I’m a constituent of yours out here in rural MO farm country (you should visit us out here some time, btw), & I’m thrilled the President traveled to Ukraine. It’s one of the most important presidential visits in the past 20 years.

I’m not frustrated at our President. Our President is doing today what America used to believe in; fighting for freedom and democracy around the world. You have seventeen gov’t agencies on the ground in East Palestine right now, what else is there to do?

Interestingly, Eric Schmitt (r) isn’t there.


The trip to Poland was planned a long time ago. President Biden took the opportunity to visit Ukraine.

What are you doing about Ohio, Eric, besides tweeting snarky comments about the President?
Why don’t you get your Republican colleagues on board to tighten railroad safety regulations that were relaxed under Trump?

It’s in his nature.

You sully your comms team by making them shovel this waste. This work will be a permanent stain on their resumes.

Actually it’s gaslighting like this that frustrates me

If you want to understand why A FEW Americans are frustrated right now it’s b/c they have been indoctrinated to hate democracy, root for it to fail, & clearly don’t get that if our (and others) democracy fails, they will rapidly lose all the FREEDOMS they so cherish.

You’re literally making a living out of advocating for deregulation and shitting on the EPA. How about sitting this one out?

I LOVE all your tweets. Zero substance. Keep them coming.

Clowns have to be clowns.

You’re pathetic!

If you want to understand why so many Americans are frustrated right now:

You’re a U.S. Senator.

Straight up Vladimir Putin talking points.

I’ll bet EPA, FEMA, and Transportation are all there doing their jobs. Quit gaslighting people and do YOUR job.

You’re an embarrassment to Missouri.


Nope. But look at the crap you and Josh pulled while advancing your political career at the expense of the Missouri people. That’s frustrating.

You lie so easily.

Color me frustrated that an idiotic portion of our country wants to complete ignore US History and the Cold War to justify allowing Putin to invade an independent country. But, you’re an idiot, so there’s that.

You can’t be that stupid, can you?

He is.


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