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Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].

No Speaker, no oath of office, no functioning House of Representatives.

On Sunday:

Mark Alford @markalfordkc
What are your specific expectations? What are they benchmarks we need to hit to reach those expectations for you?
7:34 PM · Jan 1, 2023

The issue up for discussion was “zero expectations.”

The responses:

Low expectations man… Especially from just seeing what you tweet.

Mark can you please clarify what you believe on lgbt issues as Vicky hartzler was a strong conservative on these issues and there is a lack of clarity on them

It would be much appreciated:)

Please start by voting against McCarthy for Speaker!

Too late.

I just hope and pray that you spen more time siding with Chip Roy and Thomas Massie than with the establishment Republicans. I have faith that you will

Too late.

Vote to restrict immigration as much as possible please. Especially on things like H1 & H2B visas.

Hasn’t been sworn in yet, so there’s that.

I’d personally like to see the money follow the kids as far as school budgets. Approximately 80% of the annual personal property taxes that I pay goes to the local public school budget. I would like to see that percentage of my personal property tax go to the school of my choice.

Uh, that’s a local and state issue, not federal.

Don’t support LGBTQ+

We do.

Mark, please close the boarder and keep our dollars in the US! Be a strong conservative!

Which kind? The ones who rent a room in a house or the ones who try to take over a ship with violence?

To object to George Santos representing the Republican party

They don’t. Kevin McCarthy (r) needs his vote.

I’m from Cass County you need to stand with the freedom caucus me and my wife have hope for you

Zero expectations means no expectations, Mark. He expects nothing of you and I’m sure you’ll pass with flying colors by being your useless self.

“After all…tomorrow is another day.”

Pass the popcorn.


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