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So, Mark Alford (r) has voted twice for Kevin McCarthy (r) to be Speaker of the House of Representatives in the 118th Congress.

Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].

This didn’t age well:

Mark Alford @markalfordkc
We’re ready to get to work day one!!!
4:45 PM · Dec 30, 2022

This morning:

Mark Alford @markalfordkc
Thankful to have so many friends and faithful supporters join us in DC!
10:51 AM · Jan 3, 2023

The responses:

Everyone wants to know …. will you be a RINO ?

There are degrees of right wingnut?

No to Kevin!!!! New beginnings

Wonderful! May God bless you and those you serve!


Go join @RepMattGaetz so we the people of missouri who voted for you know that you’re truly on our side mark!!

I know you’re, prove me right!

We are watching the vote. Time for McCarthy to step aside.

You could have had Rick Brattin (r).

They must be so proud to see you get stood up at the altar because your party is such a joke. The GQP is bereft of quality candidates even for leadership of that clown show. Congratulations, nobody deserves it more than you.

McCarthy?? Really? He’s not america first

Stop voting for McCarthy!!!! Missouri is anti -Mc Carthy!! He did nothing to help us! What are you doing??

How did you place your vote for speaker???

He’s going to have a lot of opportunities! On day one.


Wedgies (December 31, 2022)

Kevin McCarthy (r) tries to count votes this morning January 3, 2023)