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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

This afternoon:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
The Democrats’ radical pro-abortion bill would disenfranchise every voter in Missouri, overturn our state laws – and give the power to DC Democrats
2:30 PM · May 11, 2022


As usual, there is much hilarity in the responses:

So all women in your state are pro life 100%? I find that very hard to believe.

So do they.

Senator Hawley abortion care is part of women’s health care so if you oppose abortion access than you are for restricting women’s health care which would relegate women to second class citizens.

You would know something about “disenfranchise (ing) voters”, huh?! But in this case, Repubs are attempting to ignore the will of 70% of the population. A true representative of the people (district &/or state) would LISTEN to the people they represent & vote accordingly.

Reality is it allows women simply to maintain the rights our grandma’s had.

Our daughters/grands will die when go to hospital unexpectedly, require abortion type procedure to save their life but it’s unavailable due to politics. 1000’s of women will die.

Yes, the point of rights is that they can’t be taken away by a majority that wants to hurt some people.

How do you claim to be a “Constitutional lawyer” without knowing any of the basics?


And if they can’t be taken away by a majority, they certainly shouldn’t be taken away by a small but vocal minority.

Maybe your laws should stay the fuck out of women’s bodies?

Hawley and his DC GOP colleagues are putting lives of pregnant people in jeopardy b/c they think it will keep them in power. If you continue to elect them you are taking away the right of your sister, spouse, daughter, nieces, neighbors to access healthcare.

Hard to believe Hawley is an Ivy league graduate. Does he not take polls of voters? I live in MO and am pro-choice.

Keep abortion legal, Hawley.

How Josh.
Don’t just say something.
Show Me

As I recall, every voter in Missouri was disenfranchised when the state legislature struck down TWO Constitutional amendments voted by the PEOPLE of Missouri to draw legitimate voting districts and keeping dark money out of politics

How would you know what Missouri voters want? Book tours, promoting candidates in other states, going to conferences in other states and going on media shows to express your disapproval of anything that Democrats suggest. Josh Hawley, Senator from anywhere but Missouri!

The bill is neither “radical” or “pro-abortion”, but it will sustain the freedoms women have known since 1973.

“Radical pro-abortion bill” in Hawley speak being “a bill that would allow women to make their own healthcare decisions without busybody, white and overwhelmingly male Republicans having a say”

STOP. I am a Missourian and you dont even come close to speaking for me.

No it will give women the power to make their own choices

This makes no sense

“Dear America, Sorry about Josh Hawley, Sincerely, Missouri”

You don’t even live in Missouri, Josh.

No it gives women the power over their own bodies. No uterus, no opinion!

How does having rights disenfranchise me? I’ll need you to explain it.

You don’t live in Missouri.

Do you live in Missouri?

How would it disenfranchise every MO voter? I’m pretty sure the whole state doesn’t vote the same way you do.

Says the man whose residence is in Virginia.

I am one of your constituents and I vehemently disagree with you. It’s a woman’s right to choose, not yours.

What exactly do you get paid to do?

Virginian says what?

You don’t even live in MO. What do you care?

Maybe you should try living here and then you can talk about us like you know anything

How does it disenfranchise anyone? And how would it overturn your state laws? As of now, abortion is still legal. And you are still a traitor.

Missouri women may want a word with you

In Missouri on Sunday:

“Pro-choice mom”


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