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Late last night an extensive U.S. Supreme Court draft majority opinion by Samuel Alito was leaked indicating the court will reverse Roe v Wade (1973). Today the Supreme Court confirmed that the document was authentic.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

This evening:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
It should go without saying that if a Justice leaked this, he or she should face impeachment
9:35 AM · May 3, 2022

Think about that for just a second. Apparently participating in an insurrection is just peachy.

Clarence Thomas. Ginni Thomas. We rest our case.

There is the usual hilarity in the responses:

For all the anger releasing this broke no law.

Congress never wrote a law to make this sort of thing illegal,

Didn’t we JUST have a new justice sworn in? Timing is coincidental…[….]

Too stupid to remember to breathe.

Funny that you assume the leaker isn’t one of the conservative Justices, Josh.

And if it wasn’t a SCOTUS Justice, there are plenty of theories why it might have been someone with ties to the GOP.

Hope you’ll stand by your convictions (and we have screenshots)

It should go without saying that if Josh Hawley was involved in the Jan 6th attacked to democracy he should face consequences.

Never happened before that I remember.
New hyper radical justice is seated. 1st major review of RvW and 1st leak takes place.

Too stupid to remember to breathe.

It should also go without saying that plotting to overthrow the government should bar you from being in politics.

This will age well. Have you looked at Ginni Thomas?

So the Supreme Court decisions no longer belong to the American people? We pay their salaries. We pay yours.
Civil Servants decisions that affect all of us
Should be transparent. What kind of Authoritarion crap are you suggesting now?

Unless the leaker is Ginni Thomas in which case Republicans will circle the wagons.

Tell us more of your thoughts on what it’s proper for a civil servant to do or not do

What would be the grounds for impeachment? Any law broken? No. Violate the norms of the institution? Yes. Cause damage to the court’s reputation? Yes.

But let’s look at the sitting justices: committed perjury to get their seats? Yes (4). Conflicts of interest? Yes (1+).

You are the last person I can think of who would be an authority on who should versus who should not be impeached.

And I’m willing to bet a dime to a dollar that if it was Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh or Barrett you will renege on this statement.

Now do Clarence Thomas

It goes without saying that anyone involved in an insurrection shouldn’t have a say in anything.

It’s not the leak of the draft, it’s the absurdly flawed logic behind the draft that has people screaming.

But not when they are involved in an attempted coup ?

Why ? Was national security jeopardized ?

Can you point readers to the code of ethics that SCOTUS has for their behavior? That should help your case here right? So far my money is on Justice Alito since this is playing right into his hands

But not if they perjured themselves in the Senate?

It should go without saying that if a senator supported insurrectionists they should be removed from office immediately.

So not the three that lied under oath when confirmed then?

On what grounds? Seriously what crime against the state would this represent? The shadow docket decisions alone should get 3 of the 5 GQP justices tossed. Where’s the due process?

It should go without saying that if a judge perjures himself and claims to believe Roe is settled law he should be impeached.
It should go without saying that if a justice is engaged in sedition he should be impeached.

You first …. Let’s see ALL your emails, phone calls, and texts leading up to and on Jan. 6th …. We’ll wait. [….]

I wonder if ANYONE has considered the latest appointment to SCOTUS as a possible individual “involved” in the leak ?

Too stupid to remember to breathe.

Ya but let’s keep Clarence who voted while in conflict of interest.
Constitutional lawyer …ya I don’t think so!

Why? Is there a specific law that’s been breached here? It’s not like this is a super confidential document. It’s a draft of something that the Court will presumably publish for all to see. Who cares?

It should go without saying that three Supreme Court justices lied about their support of Roe v. Wade.

With a new Joe Biden appointee. Making the court more 5-4.

Too stupid to remember to breathe.

What about justices whose wives actively plotted to overturn a democratic election?

Maybe the three justices who all lied during their hearings should face impeachment first? Roe is settled law? Ring a bell?

What’s your take on Senators who foment and/or facilitate an insurrection?

Imagine if they promote an insurrection! Let’s pin this quote.

You incited a deadly insurrection. People died, bro.

Imagine being more worried about a leak than the decision that will take body autonomy away from over half the population & set the stage to strip other freedoms from all Americans. Shame on you!

It’s 2022! We will not go backwards.

Based on what?

cc: drunken beer guy

Most probably the newest justice that was confirmed but just guessing.

Too stupid to remember to breathe.

It is a requirement.
and in my opinion it is the newest appointed and confirmed judge.

Too stupid to remember to breathe.


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