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Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].


Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
It’s almost as if all the fear mongering around COVID was just one big power play.
1:36 PM · Mar 12, 2022


Some of the responses:

Jason Kander @JasonKander
Replying to @Eric_Schmitt
Are you vaccinated? Did you get the booster?
3:24 PM · Mar 12, 2022

It’s as if the claim about fear mongering around COVID is just another example of Schmitt’s stupidity.

950,000 US deaths; 19,500 MO deaths. Many with long haul COVID and our healthcare system almost breaking. No one should worry about that.

What a ghoul!

20k dead constituents could not be reached for comment.

Help me understand this. I’m not supposed to care about something factual, but whatever you’re selling is legit. Just how much is your snake oil and where can I purchase some?

What is wrong with you? [….]

Day drinking and tweeting again Eric? What’s this even about? See this is why you lose so many lawsuits; all accusation, no context.

It’s almost as if all the COVID-denialism (almost 1 million US deaths!) was just one big power play… (as you, for example, run for senate)

It’s hard for me to understand an elected politician being so openly dismissive of nearly a million dead Americans as @Eric_Schmitt seems to be.

Kinda like “build a wall” bullshit right???

My father died of Covid. You are a horrible person.

So the people who died from COVID were just part of a huge fear mongering power play? You are an idiot.

It’s almost as if you’re a #PoliticalHack.

People have tried to explain the science behind the measures to mitigate the impact of the COVID pandemic to you but obviously you cannot comprehend. So now we just have you spewing forth your vomit of lies and misinformation.

Do you LIKE playing the miserable SOB who people loathe with a passion?

Right, f*ck those petty people that buried family and friends.

So, everyone who has died from Covid don’t really exist? Brick shy of a load Schmitt.

You’re an idiot. Millions have died. What a pathetic existence you live.

Tell that to everyone who lost people. Asshole.

Or you’re just an idiot

My god. What the actual fck is wrong with you? Are you seriously so desperate for attention you sit there and make lists of the most vile things you could say? A lot of people died. A lot are suffering long term effects. This is disgusting and your family should feel shame.

How many of your constituents died from it last week, you monstrous shit?