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Last night:

William Eigel @BillEigel
Drawing a congressional map that squanders MO’s chance to send more Repub’s to Congress doesn’t just help Nancy Pelosi—it helps every socialist Democrat from Joe Biden on that are bent on changing the very nature of our country from rural farms to urban skyscrapers. #moleg
7:46 PM · Feb 10, 2022

All those unspoken parts.

Some of the responses:

Is that the rhetoric you were taught to spew by your ALEC handlers. It’s not very original, intelligent or true. Do better.

“changing the very nature of our country from rural farms to urban skyscrapers” has got to be one of the most nonsensical turns of phrase I’ve ever heard. I mean, I know what you were going for but woof.

Soooo, you’re saying you’re scared of….something??

People can actually live in skyscrapers. Farms are huge pieces of land that people don’t live on that also gets paid by the government to not grow shit

Guess what? Pelosi and Biden don’t live here. I do and you’re not listening to people like me. Stop this madness

You know that both skyscrapers AND farms are part of America, right? Your buddy Trump *literally* has many with his name on them.

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…

Is a socialist Democrat the opposite of an authoritarian Republican? Just wondering

Missouri is 40% Democrats and 60% Republicans.

A 5-3 map is fair and balanced.

A 6-2 map is unfairly tilted.

A 7-1 map is openly corrupt.

I wonder what it’s like to believe – I mean truly believe – in your own BS.

Authoritarian fascist is what you want. Just say so.

Do you charge Nancy Pelosi rent since she’s in your head all the time?

This state is represented by total wankers

You sound deranged. Changing farms to skyscrapers? Get a grip.


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