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Even more meta.

Occasionally a post here will generate a lot of traffic. With that we sometimes get rambling illiterate responses posted as comments. There appears to be a correlation.

When anyone posts a comment here at Show Me Progress their email and IP addresses are attached to the comment.

All comments are held in moderation until approved. Illiterate responses are held in perpetuity – they won’t appear with the original post. However, we can and have devoted “Meta” posts mocking such content.

Early this morning:

looks like the publisher can’t do math either. looking at vote counts it’s 6 republican to 2 democrats . yup I’m from Missouri yup I can do math yup I can analyze numbers take your bullshit talking points somewhere else


They appear to be incapable of showing their work.

We already did some of the math:

…The total Congressional vote for either Democrats or Republicans in Missouri in 2020 was 2,896,117. The total Congressional vote for Republican candidates in 2020 was 1,723,982 (59.53%). The total Congressional vote for Democratic candidates was 1,172,135 (40.47%)…

[….]More like 5 [Republican districts] (62.5%) – 3 [Democratic districts] (37.5%)….

We’ll finish:

40.47% > 37.5%.

6 is 75.0% of 8. 2 is 25.0% of 8.

37.5% > 25.0%.

Math is hard, eh.

“…take your bullshit talking points somewhere else”

Think about that telling exhibition of critical thinking skill for just a second.


Math is hard, proportional representation is evil, Missouri voters are stupid (February 4, 2020)